Monday, 14 August 2017

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We say a fond(ish) farewell to the great movie ride

Rumors have circulated for what seems like forever, but I honestly never thought I would see the day we would be saying goodbye to the great movie ride in Hollywood Studios. 
It might not have been thrilling or cutting edge, but its undoubtedly a classic, albeit one that needed a bit of an update. 
Losing an attraction is always a little bittersweet, because although I know I will never get the chance to see Sigourney Weavers uncomfortably rigid face again or actually get to experience that elusive cowboy scene, inevitably we have to make way for bigger and hopefully better things. 
Ride wait times peaked at 120 minutes on Sunday 13th August and park hours had already been modified to try and accommodate the increase in footfall to the park this weekend. 

Rumored to open some time in 2019, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway will be replacing the attraction and promises to be the first of its kind and I for one cannot wait to see exactly what a 2 and a half D ride consists of. 
Its great to see Mickey and Minnie getting their very own, well deserved attraction. After all, it was started by a mouse.

Disney Photo Pass Day - August 19th 2017

If your lucky enough to be in WDW this week make sure you keep an eye out for extra photo ops!

To mark 'World Photo Day' on August 19th, Disney World resort are going to be offering a little something special in all of their parks. From extra character meet and greets to some one of  a kind 'magic shots'.there are going to be lots more ways for you to remember your special trip or day in the parks. 
Things like this are part of the reason I love visiting the parks again and again. No matter how many times you go, there is always the chance to see or do something new. 
Photo pass is included with all UK bought packages and 'ultimate tickets', so make sure you get the most out of yours. 

I can't wait to see everyone's photos from the day. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @kirstles19

For a full list of events available that day check out this article from Orlando Theme Park News.

One Man's Dream becomes Walt Disney Presents  

This updated attraction is soon to feature scale models of both Star Wars land, and Toy Story land! 
Walt Disney Presents, is going to become a 'preview center' for new and upcoming attractions according to Orlando Theme Park News
Although I am super excited to see both of these, I am sad that the original One Mans Dream will be no more. I think for any parks fan or Disney lover, the attraction provided history and nostalgia to those who remember Walt's early days. I loved seeing the memorabilia from Walt's studio in Burbank or some of the original scale models for classic rides like peter pans flight. 
For a true Disney fan this attraction really was a piece of history and a touching tribute. I know I said above, I understand we have to make way for new attractions but this is one instance where I really wish they would have just spent a little time updating what was already there. 

Food and Wine Festival 2017 

Loosen those waist belts people because its back. Food and wine festival is running from August 31st - November 13th. Yes you heard me right, That 75 days! Which means more people than ever will get to experience this fantastic festival of culinary delights. 
With more booths than ever this year, it is set to be pretty amazing, so make sure you factor in a few stops around world showcase when you are trip planning. And if you are on the dining plan, don't forget you can exchange your quick service credits for three snack credits (as long as you do it in one transaction). That could give you some pretty good value for money at F&W where some options go for up to $8 or $9. Its also just a great time to try something different or outside of your comfort zone. 

For a full list of booths and menus, make sure to check out the Disney Food Blog, though maybe not when you're hungry. 

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