Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Beauty Review: Benefit Wow Brow

WARNING: This post includes some extreme close ups of some really bad eyebrows

I think it's safe to say, brows are currently pretty big business. There was a time when nobody really paid any attention to anyone's eyebrows ( i remember it well, the days of the spice girls and push pops), but now it seems like everyone and their pet cat is on a quest for the perfect brow.

Mine have been stressing me out for quite a while now. I've tried it all over the years... waxing, threading, plucking, tinting, thin brows, thick brows, HD brows. But I honestly cant remember a time when I actually looked in the mirror and thought oooh I love my brows today.

I do believe that they can completely change a persons face. They sort or act as your header or title, and that gives you an idea of what to expect below.

Now I'm not a fan of these over arched, thick, dark black eyebrows everyone seems to be adopting recently. Girls, please, if your hairs blonde don't tint your brows black.

As a natural redhead I cant go too dark anyway or it looks unnatural and I know thick eyebrows are in, but its just not for me. I've always preferred my brows on the slimmer side. I think its about finding what you like and more importantly are comfortable with. But remember you can take more off, but you cant stick em back on!

So onto the treatment,

I booked in at my local Benefit Cosmetics counter the day before my appointment after seeing some visuals for the Wow Brow treatment and products. I thought I would give it a try. The girl who made my booking recommended I download the Wowbrow app so I did (you get a free tint on your second visit! and loads of other freebies too)

I arrived a couple of minutes before my appointment time. I had booked for a brow wax and tint in the hope of getting a bit more definition.

This is what I went in with!

She started by tinting the brows with a medium brown tint. They have loads of colours and can custom mix them for you! We started fairly light as she said we could always go darker afterwards if I wanted, but it turned out the medium brown seems just right for me.

Next was the waxing. My beautician explained exactly what she was going to do but also asked me what sort of shape and style I wanted.

They use a 'brow mapping' technique at Benefit, which is what I think really sets them apart from other places I have been to. This means they actually spend time analysing and measuring your brows and face to see exactly where you brow should start and end, as well as where your arch should sit.

She waxed away and then plucked the odd few to make sure there were no strays. She showed me the first one so I could see what she had done and if I liked it before moving onto the second as well which I thought was great. Overall it took around 20 minutes.

Once she was done I was moved over to the cosmetics area where another girl showed me a few different products to help enhance my new brows. She used a little of the Brow Zings followed by a slick of Gimme Brow gel and then finally a little High Brow highlighter under my arch.

Overall I was really impressed with both the treatment and the service I received from Benefit.
At £21.50 for the wax and tint, it is pretty comparable to most salons in price, but the time they took to actually work out the best brows for me is what set this treatment apart.
I would have no problem in recommending this treatment to anyone who is struggling to tame their brows and I won't be going anywhere else from now on.

I feel like I've finally got some wow in my brows.

Before, Eurgh

After, WOW!


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