Sunday, 10 September 2017

Things I'm Most Looking Forward to on My 2018 Trip to Walt Disney World

Although I visited Orlando earlier this year, it will be 2 years since I last stepped foot on Disney property when I arrive again in April 2018, and as awful lot has happened at the parks since then.
There will be so many things I haven't seen or experienced yet, and even more that I can't wait to experience again.

My sister who joined me on my last trip will be joining me again but we will also have a first timer with us, in the shape of her boyfriend. I can't wait to see what he thinks of everything.

Every trip to Disney is one of excitement and anticipation to see and do all the things that we love and make new memories too, but without further ado here's what I'm most looking forward to on my 2018 trip;

Animal Kingdom at Night

 This was something I was really looking forward to on my last trip in 2016, but with rivers of light being postponed at the last minute, I was really disappointed that we didn't get to experience the park in this new light.

I love all the parks when the sun goes down as they transform into lands of wonder and enchantment through all the twinkling lights and features, but I feel like Animal Kingdom is going to be extra special.

I cannot wait to ride Expedition Everest at night. The views over the park will be amazing i'm sure, and the whole ride and queue experience will just be heightened by the darkness and low lighting.

Rivers of light will also be a brand new experience for me and the group so I think I might even Fastpass this, just to make sure we get decent seats. I don't normally Fastpass night time shows but with it being fairly new and a smaller seating capacity I think it might be worth it.

This is what the Rivers of Light theatre area looked like on my last trip.

For once I have tried to watch as few vlogs and read as little as possible really on animal kingdom at night and Rivers of light. I want it to be more of a surprise and for the experience to be really organic for me.

I used to watch vlogs on everything before I went and looking back I think in moderation this can be O.K but it can also mean that when you actually experience something for the first time, it isn't quite the same.

It will be a long time since I have experienced something 100% new at Disney and I don't want to taint it by seeing it all on Youtube first.


As I said above I have tried to refrain from watching vlogs and seeing too much about any of the new additions to Animal Kingdom, and Pandora is no different.
I have seen pictures and I have read a few reviews however I have managed to keep away from any full on videos.

I haven't actually watched Avatar yet but I think I am going to make sure I do before we go as it appears to be such a specific franchise unlike anything else Disney does. I think without seeing it I will be unable to fully appreciate the very evident beauty of Pandora and a lot of the finer details in both of the attractions; The Navi River Journey and Flight of Passage.


On my last trip Soarin' was down for an update, and not just a regular update, a full on new ride video. Essentially this makes it a brand new ride for me as well as the rest of the group who have never experienced it at all.

The last time I actually experienced Soarin was in 2012 and to be honest I cant really remember much apart from the basic concept so we will definitely be fastpassing this one!

Instagram-ing My Trip

OK so I'm a little late to the party with this one I know. I only joined Instagram about 2 months ago after friends had been telling me for ages what a good platform it was. I fell in love with it on the first day and have been hooked ever since. 

I have always loved seeing peoples pictures from their trips and watching their vlogs and so Instagram really is the perfect platform for me. 

It was Instagram that really gave me the courage to start this blog and I cant wait to share my most recent pictures with the community and friends that I have become a part of and made. 
Who knows, I may even make a few cheeky vlogs myself! 

Not being on the Disney Dining Plan

This may sound a bit strange, but every trip I have ever been on to Disney I have taken advantage of the free dining offer available to UK residents. I have had both the quick service and the regular dining plan and although they can be great value for money and extremely convenient as you don't even have to think about the cost of food and snack items on a daily basis, they can also be a little restrictive.

The DDP includes quite a lot of restaurants but there are also a number of outlets that aren't included, and that I haven't tried purely because of this fact.
I always have food credits left at the end of my trip as it is and so buying food not included on the plan just seems silly and wasteful.

I also find that the Florida heat means I drink a lot more and eat a lot less than I usually would so even though 2 meals a day may not sound like a lot to some, it is more than enough and sometimes way too much for me. I would much rather have a slush and a snack than a full meal.

I am really looking forward to trying some new snack items such as the chicken waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom and a sundae from Ghiradelli in Disney Springs that I haven't tried before.

We will also be able to eat out at some of our favourite Orlando restaurants such as Longhorns Steakhouse without feeling guilty for wasting our meal credits.

Overall I am looking forward to a really relaxed and delicious trip.

K x


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