Monday, 9 October 2017

Park Overview - Typhoon Lagoon

For me personally, spending time at the water parks is an integral part of any of my Disney trips and one I always factor time in for on multiple days.

Walt Disney World is home to 2 amaaaaazingly themed water parks; Typhoon Lagoon (my favourite) and Blizzard Beach. Both offer sandy beach areas, multiple flumes and water rides as well as larger pools and lazy rivers.

Being from the U.K the weather in Orlando is a huge novelty for me, and one I like to take advantage of when I am over there, hence the multiple trips to the water parks.

Now some people may visit the water parks once and not bother going back which is fine, but I hear a lot of people saying that they didn't bother visiting them at all and although they may not be for everyone I would really recommend at least trying them out once.

A bit about Typhoon Lagoon

If crystal clear waters, palm trees, lush green plants and the beach boys playing in the background sounds like your kind of thing, then Typhoon Lagoon is the water park for you.

Typhoon Lagoon is great for catching some waves or just chilling out and sunbathing too.

The story behind typhoon lagoon is that it is the aftermath of a storm that swept through the area. You'll find some interesting debris as you explore the park. 

Typhoon Lagoons biggest and best feature in my mind is the massive wave pool. Set right in the centre of the park, surrounded by a sandy beach with sun loungers for you to relax on. Be sure to listen out for Miss Tilly's foghorn to signal that the waves are coming!

As well as one of the worlds largest wave pools, Typhoon lagoon is home to 'Crush n Gusher'. A flume ride where you don't just go down, you go up as well. 
Your in a rubber tube for this one which makes it a favourite of mine as I always seem to get bumped and bruised on normal flumes.

There are plenty of slides and flumes of varying sizes which makes it a great day out for families with big and small children.

The newest attraction to open at Typhoon Lagoon is a family raft ride - Miss Adventure Falls. As you all sit together this could be a good way to introduce younger or more timid members of the group to the water rides.

As well as rides you will also find everything you could need for a great day at a water park. 

Singapore Sal's stocks everything from swimwear, to magazines, snacks and sunscreen - we've all forgotten our SPF before!

You will also find a number of snack stands and quick service restaurants where you can get sno-cones, drinks and ice cream, or even a pulled pork waffle sandwich. YES! A PULLED PORK WAFFLE SANDWICH!

Lets Go Slurpin' is one to stop at if your'e in need of an alcoholic beverage...or 2. They have slushy cocktails and lots of different beers, so don't forget your I.D! You can sit at the slightly shaded bar or take your drink back to your lounger. Of course all the drinks are served in plastic cups.

Tips for a Great Day

- Make sure you use LOTS of SPF everywhere, and reapply throughout the day. Even when you are in the water or the sky is cloudy, you can still burn. If you do, you will ruin your day and potentially the rest of your trip.

- Pretty much anywhere that serves food or drink will serve you iced tap water for free making it easy and cheap to stay hydrated.

- You can take your own food and drink in to Typhoon lagoon if you wish. You can't take any glass bottles but a few bags of crisps or some fresh fruit can help keep hunger at bay without having to spend a fortune on Disney snacks for the family.

- I always like to take 2 towels, one to save my sun lounger and one to dry myself off.

- Speaking of sun loungers, if there is quite a few of you or you just want a spot on the main beach by the wave pool, I would get to the park for opening time, which is generally 10am, or even just before.
The loungers fill up quick, particularly the ones with parasols or shades.
If you arrive before park opening the cast members let you in and everyone congregates just before the bridge that leads to the main beach area.

- Get a waterproof camera. Now I'm not saying go out and spend hundreds of ££'s on a GoPro. Even just the Kodak disposable cameras are great for taking a few snaps in the water of your family or group.  I have seen people with protector bags for their phones and all sorts of things. I cannot say how reliable these are but all I would say is get something you are happy to use so you don't miss any memories

- Ok so this one is a little bit controversial but I am going to go right ahead and say it. I have never used a locker at a Disney Waterpark.
Now I know there are posts out there about people having things stolen and I am sure it does happen every now and again. All I can say is that I have always felt happy to leave my towel and bag for half an hour with our sun lounger whilst we go to the waves or on a flume.
I don't really take anything valuable with me anyway. Some snacks, a cheap disposable waterproof camera and my sunglasses. With Magic Bands you don't even need to carry your wallet or purse.
Lockers are around $20 a day and personally I have never felt the need.

-  I always either carry bobbles or tie my hair up in the first place. When you decide to head back to your hotel remember the air con on those Disney buses is pretty arctic and wet hair or damp clothing is not nice.

- This last one kinda goes without saying... wear flip flops. Even if you don't usually. They are like £1 in Primark. The walkways get ridiculously hot from the sun and there's nothing worse than sand in your shoes.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any other questions about Typhoon Lagoon please contact me via the form below or DM me on Insta

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