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My Favourite Disney Podcasts

I am a massive fan of podcasts and have been for years, like before they were even really a thing. For once in my life I was actually on trend and slightly ahead of the game!

I enjoy and use podcasts for a number of reasons, and not a day goes by that I don't listen to one.
When I am nearing a trip I might use them for planning by listening to any recent reviews of events or restaurants. I use them to keep up to date with news and whats going on around WDW, but I also use them to learn about the parks and hear other peoples opinions on them.

I might listen to a podcast in the car or whilst I make dinner but without fail I listen to a podcast every night before I go to bed. They help me relax and unwind and cut down on my screen time which is always a good thing.

Anyway without further ado, in no particular order here are my favourite podcasts you might want to try out.

1. Zadd Crew Podcast

These guys are new on the podcast scene but don't let this put you off. They cover some interesting topics, which so far have included 'Top Scents of WDW' and 'Places to Chill and Watch the World Go By'.

They also cover news from the parks and listener question episodes as well as Disney in depth episodes which delve a little deeper into the history or some of the most loved attractions and areas of the parks.

CJ and Greg aren't just about creating a podcast or business, but about creating a community and you will really feel this from the very first episode. You can also join the forum to speak to like minded Disney fans, or ask questions about the podcast or your upcoming trip which I love.

Each episode is jam packed with information, opinion, friendly banter and debate between 2 guys who love the Disney parks. Definitely one to watch - well listen to :)

2. Radio Harambe 

Broadcasting 'from high above the reserve', Radio Harambe focuses on Disney's Animal Kingdom news and topics.

They have some great episodes focusing on Pandora, which might be a good place to start if you are going to be visiting for the first time since that area opened.

I love it for keeping up to date on Animal kingdom news and learning more about this highly underrated park.

I'm not sure what it is about this particular podcast but I find it to be one of the most relaxing ones. Great for unwinding with after a long day dreaming of Disney trips.

3. The WDW Radio Show

Informally known as 'your Walt Disney World information station', and hosted by celebrity in his own right - Mr Lou Mongello, who basically turned Disney into his job.

WDW radio in my eyes is as close to an official Disney Parks podcast as you can currently get.
His knowledge of the parks is astounding and he gets guests like no other podcast can. From Imagineers to authors.
If you are a serious Disney Parks addict or fan then this is the podcast for you.

I have learnt so much from some of his podcasts but if you are planning or visiting for the first time some episodes might be a little overwhelming or unnecessary for you as they go really in depth regarding attraction information and history, which you don't need, and probably wont want to know about.

4. Podcast 

Mousechat is a great podcast for Disney planners and first timers as it is voiced by not 1 but 5 Disney enthusiasts and also Disney travel agents. These guys are up on their park knowledge but will also be able to keep you updated on any new shows, closures, entertainment changes and food options etc. 

When they are talking about offers and packages, it is really only relevant to US citizens as we brits get different packages and deals so you might want to skip those bits.

What I really enjoy about this podcast is firstly the group, Lauren, Kris, Lisa, Sharpie and Steve. They are all very unique and hilarious. After just a few episodes I felt like I knew them all and wanted them all to be my friend. 

I also love the fact that they always give their honest opinion and they don't always agree on everything. If they don't like something you will definitely hear about it! 

5. WDW Prep To Go

WDW Prep School is the ultimate in Disney planning websites and I have been listening to the prep to go podcast since day one. 
There is something about Shannon's voice that I could listen to all day. 

Unlike a lot of podcasts, you wont find a lot of ramble here. Shannon is extremely concise but very thorough making her podcasts perfect for first timers. 

She covers all the hot topics such as memory maker, desert parties and disney transportation, but what I really enjoy are the trip reports she does, not only of her own trips but with other people as well. 

I love listening to other peoples experiences of the parks and what worked well or perhaps not so well for them. You can find trip reports from all different times of the year and I would highly recommend listening to any that relate roughly to when you will be travelling to give you a good idea of what to expect on your trip.

And finally, my honourable mention...

Now I haven't included this in my top 5 because it hasn't actually been updated in over a year now, however the Disney Food Blog Podcast was the first podcast I ever subscribed to way back in 2012 in preparation for my first WDW trip and has a special place in my heart.

As of late the guys over at the DFB seem to be focusing more heavily on the blog and producing some pretty mouth watering youtube videos.

If you were to listen to the podcast, probably only 50% of the information would be accurate now, as menus etc change every year and sometimes multiple times a year at Disney,so I wouldn't recommend downloading it at the moment.

What I would recommend though, is heading over to the Disney Food Blog which is updated with news and reviews daily, in order to get your juices flowing in the run up to your next trip.

Please make more podcasts AJ!!!

All the podcasts I have mentioned are available either through the links or on Itunes as well as various other podcast platforms.
Have a listen and let me know what you think. I'd also love to hear about your favourite Disney podcasts. 
Be sure to follow me across my social media and feel free to comment below. 

K x


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