Sunday, 26 November 2017

Recipe: Snack Attack Power Pots

Now I have to admit I am not a big fan of breakfast. I literally cant stomach  more than a coffee first thing, but if I am trying to be good then I can just about manage one of these about an hour after I have woken up. 

They also make a great dessert, mid afternoon or mid morning snack. I like to buy the smaller pots of yogurt (my favourite is the one in the picture from Lidl) as it is easier to take to work or eat on the go. 

You can really add whatever you want to the yoghurt pots but my favourite breakfast one is below. Now this isn't really a recipe but I thought it would be worth telling you what I put in mine and you can go from there. 


125g Natural Yoghurt or one small pot 
1tbsp Ground flax seed 
1 Small handful fresh blueberries 
1tsp dried cranberries 
1tsp pumpkin seeds 

If you are going to be eating this on the go or at work, I would keep all the fruit and seeds in a separate container until you are going to eat it, or it goes a bit mushy and there isn't any texture. 

Other Combinations 

Banana, honey and sunflower seeds

Stewed apple and cinnamon 

Granola and fresh berries

Cherry, chia seeds and a little dark chocolate 

Lemon curd and broken meringue and/or digestive biscuit pieces

Ok so the last 2 probably shouldn't be eaten at breakfast, but they make a quick and tasty pudding which you don't have to feel guilty about. 

K x 


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