Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Giordanos, Orlando

I had first come across Giordano's on tripadvisor before our last trip to Orlando. I was searching for a variety of different restaurants for our trip including somewhere to get a good slice of pizza.

I was immediately drawn to Giordano's by the numerous pictures of DEEP pizza pies and the oozing stringy mozzarella that could be seen from about a mile away! We just had to go...


Giordanos is a small chain, and you can find a number of restaurants across Orlando including near Universal Studios, and one in Lake Buena Vista, about 10 minutes drive from Disney Springs. 
The particular one we ate at was on W.Sand Lake Road. 
As we were staying on International Drive, this was ideal for us and took us about 10 minutes to walk from our hotel. 
If you are further away on I drive than we were you could just get the trolley bus to stop 11 then walk down Sand Lake Rd. 


Giordano's isn't fancy by any means but its classic 1960's Chicago pizzeria style decor, complete with red and white checked tablecloths really adds to the experience. 
Think dark woods, leather seated booths and waiting staff with check pads and pens. Old school! 
Its not a massive restaurant so I would be prepared to wait for a table as it seems pretty popular with the locals and tourists alike.

The particular night we went, there were people waiting outside the doors for tables. I had a feeling we were going to be a while, but the management quickly set to opening up the outside area and laying tables and 10 minutes later everyone waiting was seated. 
In the peak of the days heat I don't think I would have appreciated the outdoor table, though it was covered, but as the sun went down and the temperature dropped it became the perfect spot for a slice of pie. 

Overall the service here couldn't be faulted. Our server was a young male who's name escapes me but despite also having to contend with a massive group booking behind us, he served us quickly and took the time to make recommendations and he refilled our drinks without being asked. 
I particularly enjoyed the serving of the pizza at the table. He served us our first slice each which he made look extremely easy, and even paused so I could take photos!

The Food

We came expecting big things, but we still weren't prepared for the sheer size of the pizza. 
We ordered a medium (8 slices) and we brought 3 slices back to the room afterwards! Yes we couldn't even manage 2 slices each. 

The pizza is so deep that 1 slice really is more like 3 normal slices, and the vast amount of mozzarella make it yummy but also extremely rich. Even a little sickly. 
However despite all the cheese, it wasn't greasy at all and the crust was crispy and well cooked. I would have liked a bit more flavour from the tomato sauce, especially with the amount of cheese there was, but I made good use of the chilli flakes and parmesan at the table, which helped enhance it a little. 

The rest of the menu looked equally good. With sharing pastas, breads and salads but we just kept it simple with a side of the Garlic Parmesan Fries as we were naively hoping to have a dessert as well. 
The fries were a hidden gem and helped keep us going until the pizza arrived (it can take up to 45 mins for the deep dish)

Our server assumed we would want ketchup as we are British 😄. I don't think any of us actually used it. 

As you have guessed we had no room for dessert so I have no feedback on those I am afraid. 


I would be lying if I said this was the best tasting pizza I have ever eaten, but it is good pizza and in terms of value for money it is excellent. 
It has great novelty factor as I have never seen pizza's this extravagant anywhere else and I think kids would love it. 
Picky eaters and pizza lovers would do well here and if you are looking for a cheap meal for the family then this would be perfect. A family of 4 could easily eat for $40. 
This isn't going to be a must do on every trip but I would definitely eat here again.

For menus, locations and prices etc check out the website here 

Thank you for reading this review. Have you been to Giordanos? or are you going on your next trip? Let me know what you think or tag me in your pics on Instagram @ the_foolish_disney_mortal 

K x


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  1. This is another of our family favourites and we go here every trip. We had one next to our hotel last year in Kissimmee! We went for lunch and shared a medium stonebaked pizza with bbq base and chicken on top. Was very yummy and such a great price. As you said, the price cannot be faulted and the service is always good. Another place we continue to return to for good quality pizza in Orlando!