Sunday, 28 January 2018

Look At This Stuff... Isn't It Neat! - Jan 2018

My collection is most definately never going to be complete, but at the rate retailers like primark are currently churning out Disney merchandise there's simply no way I can buy everything I like.

So i've decided to do a monthly post  of things I really like, that you may or may not have seen already. Some things I may have bought for myself but most of it will just be neat stuff that I have had to restrain myself from.

Lets jump straight in with a few primark bargains I have purchased recently...

This Marie card holder was only £3 and will be perfect for carrying my park tickets in. As we aren't staying onsite this year, we won't be getting magic bands so I just had to have this!

I also got this Minnie Mouse card holder for my sister which was only £3. 

Now Primark has been doing Disney Tee's for quite a while, but this is the first strappy top I have seen from them. Perfect for the Florida heat, I had to get this for my Sister who's shoulders don't burn after 30 seconds in the sun like mine. £3

Speaking of Disney Tee's, this mickey one in the Primark Menswear dept is really thin and will dry off quickly after a once round on Kali River Rapids! I actually bought this for Joe's Birthday as he will be joining us on this trip. He hates getting too hot so I know he will like this. I love the worn, almost vintage looking mickey. This could definitely pass for Official Disney World merch. £8

This next Tshirt is also for my upcomimg trip but I bought this one online from TeePublic 
If you haven't checked this site out already, make sure you do. They have so many different tees and tank tops. Most of which you can even choose your tshirt colour on. 

From attractions to snack goals, there is a tee for every Disney Parks fan. They ship to the U.K for reasonable prices and tees start from $14!

And finally, my last recent Disney purchase comes in a mickey shape...

These leather rucksacks can be found from various sellers on ebay. Most are shipped from China and will set you back about £15. Be warned though they can take a few weeks to arrive so if you want one for your next trip, order in advance!

And now onto some items I had to say no to...

This fold out Minnie vanity from primark is soooo cute but I just don't need anymore make up bags. Maybe if they bring out a Marie one I could be persuaded.... 

Anyone who know's me know's that I LOVE Stitch and I am so pleased to see a few experiment 626 items coming into Primark however I have so many shorts from previous trips that I have barely worn so I had to leave these. There are other designs including Chip and Mickey. £5

I saw this a couple of days ago now, and I won't lie, I am tempted to go back and buy it. The thing is, I would probably only wear it at Disney so I feel like its a bit of a waste of money when I have a nice wach anyway. You may see it on my wrist soon... watch this space! £10, Primark

and finally... I am actually regretting not buying this now, but I am hoping there might be a re-stock soon.

These aren't actually Disney branded, but if these suitcases don't remind you of Epcot, then you are clearly reading the wrong blog! The hand luggage cases are £25 and the larger cases are £35 (though these wouldn't be big enough for a disney trip for me). I really wanted the hand luggage case but talked myself out of it and then they were all gone. 
I shall be keeping an eye out incase they come back, fingers crossed! 

That's all for this month folks. Be sure to follow me on instagram @the_foolish_disney_mortal where I post all my disney finds and buys. 
And if you spot something you think I would like make sure you tag me in your posts too!

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