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Review: Be Our Guest-Breakfast

Be Our Guest has been the number one choice for guests visiting Magic Kingdom since the day it opened back in 2012.

Renowned for its intricate details and theming, this restaurant offers quick service options for Breakfast and Lunch, before turning into a table service option for dinner.

It serves up french inspired cuisine throughout the day, but today I shall be focusing on questionably the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Or should I say petit dejeuner?!

Decor, Theming and Service

Unlike most quick service locations there are a few key things to note with BOG.

 I mentioned earlier that Be Our Guest is a quick service by day and a table service by night. The one vital difference this makes is that, by day you choose/find your own table which means if you really want to sit in the west wing or the ballroom then you know that you can! With a dinner reservation, you can make a request but you may not always get the section you want depending on availability. 

The second difference is that there is no character interaction in the day. If you wan't to meet the beast then you will have to attempt to bag yourself a dinner reservation (not an easy feat). 

Now although breakfast is classed as a quick service meal, you do still need to make a reservation.

 I highly recommend doing what I did and booking a table as early as possible before the park opens as this will provide you with an amazing walk through an empty Magic Kingdom.

The theming for BOG starts way before you enter the restaurant itself. As soon as you start to make your way up the path to the beasts' castle you will be fully immersed into the Beauty and the Beast story line.

Inside the restaurant, the theming extends into 3 very differently decorated rooms. The iconic ballroom, the quaint library and the dark west wing complete with enchanted rose.

On this particular occasion we sat in the Library. I would hazard a guess that the library is probably the last of everyone's choice of room, however we particularly enjoyed the quieter relaxed atmosphere, especially first thing in the morning.

In terms of service here, you place your order and pay for it in the sort of foyer area when you first come in.

You are then given an enchanted rose and you can go and choose your seats. Your food will magically arrive at your table wherever you sit.

Drinks are served from fountain machines, which you do yourself and can refill for free.

The Food 

There is actually a pretty good selection of items on the breakfast menu here. I would guess everyone in a group would be able to find something they would like, though it still baffles me as to who eats quiche for breakfast!?

Image result for be our guest breakfast menu

Anyway, moving on... All the entrees are currently priced at $25, making them fantastic value on the dining plan, but a little pricey if you are paying out of pocket.  

All entrees come with a pastry plate which you can see below and a small bowl of chopped fruit salad. 

Pastries for 2 

In actual fact if we had known more about the pastries, we probably would have shared an entree as there was plenty enough for 2 people with the pastries and fruit. If you have little ones, you should definitely consider sharing with them as there is a lot of food. There really is no need to purchase a separate meal. 

I went for the open face bacon and egg sandwich. Now this had the makings of a fantastic breakfast however disappointingly my eggs arrived luke warm. 

This isn't surprising really as they are slowly wheeled around the dining halls on a themed trolley, making it virtually impossible to get a warm plate of food out. Still it was tasty. The eggs were runny and there was plenty of food.

 I don't know if there was $25 worth of food but as a quick service dining plan credit, its worth it.  

My sister went for the assorted cured meats and cheese. This handled the journey from the kitchen better, as it should be cold. It wasn't a huge portion, but what there was seemed to be of good quality and she enjoyed it all. 

Again, not $25 worth, but OK if you are on the dining plan. 


So Be Our Guest is a little over priced. I mean everything in Disney is kind of overpriced, but even by Disney standards this one is really up there. 

I definitely recommend eating at Be Our Guest if you are on the Dinin Plan, primarily for the experience, but if you are paying out of pocket then lunch might be a more cost effective option for you. 

However if you have little ones who would make good use of the fruit and pastries then I suppose you could call it $50 for a family of 4 which isn't all that bad. 

If you do decide to give the breakfast a go, be sure to make a reservation as soon as your 180 day window opens up as it still fills up quickly. Breakfast seems to be the easiest of the 3 meals to get a table for but you still need to be quick. 

Have you eaten at Be Our Guest for breakfast? What did you think. Comment below and be sure to tag me in your photos on Insta @the_foolish_disney_mortal. I love seeing everyone's food pics! 

K  x 

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