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Review: Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House is a Quick Service Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. It sits quietly on the left hand side as you enter into Liberty Square from It's a Small World and the tangled bathroom area.

If you were to have never heard of Columbia Harbour House, I wouldn't blame you for quickly walking on by, as it isn't particularly exciting to look at for the general Disney Visitor, however if you do decide to enter through its colonial doors, you will be rewarded by its New England charm, air conditioning and some of the best quick service in the Magic Kingdom.

Decor, Theming and Service 

As I already mentioned, CHH sits within the Liberty Square area of Magic Kingdom, meaning it is made to represent years gone by. It can be easily distinguished by its turn of the century/New England/Nautical decor.

View from upstairs 

The restaurant features dark woods and quaint curtain clad windows with old fashioned chintzy wall paper and carpet. You will find a whole host of naval and early 1900's style north american decoration adorning the walls throughout and this is one of the few quick service restaurants where the menu really adds further to the theming itself.

The restaurant looks pretty small from outside but don't be deceived into thinking you wont get a table, even if the restaurant looks crowded at an initial glance. There is an upstairs area which for some reason many people still don't seem to know about and I have never had to wait for a tale here.

Upstairs, the theming continues seamlessly, but also features some fantastic views and photo opportunities of liberty square, the riverboat and the Haunted Mansion!

This is a quick service restaurant so there isn't much by the way of service, but I have to say I have always found this restaurant to be immaculately clean and it has offered mobile ordering for quite some time now which can be useful if you plan on eating at peak times or simply hate waiting in a queue.

The Food

The Menu 

This isn't your standard theme park fare. Far from it. The nautical theming follows through in the menu with fried shrimp, fish and even a lobster roll, which I haven't tried but have heard very good things about.

What I really love about this place is that you aren't constrained to the usual side orders of fries or chips. There is always some form of seasonal vegetables to choose from here, as well as couscous which has been on the menu for years now and a really fresh slaw too.

My favourite menu item here is the 'Anchors Aweigh' sandwich which is basically an extremely well filled tuna, salad sandwich. Now I understand this might not sound too exciting right now, but on a hot Orlando afternoon, when you've been eating mickey waffles and ice cream for the last 10 days, this can be a welcomed treat.

Anchors Aweigh Sandwich

Berry Cobbler Dessert 

Drinks include regular soft drinks and tea and coffee, but you can also get something a little special here too. They serve the Odwalla lemonade slushy (complete with a mickey straw), which you will find elsewhere, but what you wont find elsewhere are a number of flavoured syrups you can add for $0.50c including watermelon and berry!! Delicious!


There are plenty of well balanced, nutritious options here as well as the standard nuggets and some really tasty choices you definitely won't find elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom, like a chicken pot pie and even a salmon fillet!
All this makes it a great spot for a quick lunch or even a sit down evening meal for the entire family.

Have you eaten at Columbia Harbour House? What did you think? Comment below and be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram @the_foolish_disney_mortal 

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