Thursday, 8 March 2018

Fastpass+ is a complimentary service offered in each of the 4 main parks at Walt Disney World.

You don't have to be staying at a Disney hotel, you don't even have to have booked your tickets through Disney. You just need to sign up for a My Disney Experience account ( find out more about that here ), and then you can book you fastpasses either 60 days out if you are staying as a Disney resort or 30 days out if you are staying in a hotel or villa elsewhere.

Which fastpasses you choose will rely heavily on who is in your party, their ages, interests and also height amongst other things.

Most U.K holiday makers will be visiting for around 14 nights, and although you might not plan to visit the parks every single day, you will be in them for a LOT longer than the majority of US travellers which is a massive advantage.

It means there is less pressure to do everything all in one day, you can always go back to a park a second, third or even fourth time!

With this in mind I would usually say not to wait more than around 30 minutes for an attraction ever, but we have to make an exception here in Animal Kingdom.

Since the opening of Pandora and retrospectively Flight of Passage in 2017, Animal Kingdom attendance figures have soared and Flight of Passage is seeing 3 - 4 hour waits even at off peak times.

If like me, you are staying offsite on your next trip, you may have to consider waiting this one out I am afraid. At 30 days out, it is virtually unheard of to find a fastpass for FoP, though there are plenty of other awesome attractions for you to use your FP reservations on.

Below I have jotted down every Animal Kingdom Fastpass option and ranked them 1 - 3,

1 - Must fastpass/headliner attraction/renowned for long lines

2 - Not a headliner but a good use of a fastpass

3 - Fastpass really not necessary

* - these attractions should take priority if you are touring the parks with small children who won't necessarily benefit from, or want to ride the bigger attractions.  

My Magic Tips

1. Consider the layout of the park
Animal Kingdom is HUGE. It is the biggest in area of all the parks so I highly recommend booking attractions that are close to each other or leaving a good block of time between your Fastpass reservations. 

2. Get there early...Like really early. 
If you find yourself unable to get a fastpass for flight of passage then I would suggest rope dropping the park (arriving for opening). Get to the gates as early as you can, at least half an hour before the park opens and then head straight for Pandora when the cast members let you (Walk, DON'T RUN!). You will still have to wait a little but it will be considerably less than it would be later in the day when crowds reach their peak. 

3. Soak up a show, not the sun. 
Both Finding Nemo and The Lion King are fantastic shows and I cant recommend seeing them enough. They aren't ranked as a 3 because they aren't good, but simply because I have never had an issue in getting a seat. I also think that the shows are designed so that there isn't really a bad seat. The only time I would maybe suggest a fastpass is if you are travelling with smaller children. The outside of Finding Nemo can get very hot and has no shade. Once your in there however they offer amazing entertainment and a relaxing break from the Florida Heat. Schedule this in mid afternoon when the sun is hot and you've eaten too much at Flame Tree BBQ. 

4. There's more than just rides!
Please remember there is so much more to Animal Kingdom than flying on a banshee and speeding down a mountain backwards. The themeing throughout the park is just mind blowing, and there are lots of hidden gems all over, such as the Maharajah Jungle Trek and Rafikis Planet Watch. So many people bypass the animal attractions. These areas are often less crowded and a great chance to see and learn something new. 

Happy Fastpass Planning!

K x


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