Sunday, 25 March 2018

Fastpass+ is a complimentary service offered in each of the 4 main parks at Walt Disney World.

You don't have to be staying at a Disney hotel, you don't even have to have booked your tickets through Disney. You just need to sign up for a My Disney Experience account ( find out more about that here ), and then you can book you fastpasses either 60 days out if you are staying as a Disney resort or 30 days out if you are staying in a hotel or villa elsewhere.

Which fastpasses you choose will rely heavily on who is in your party, their ages, interests and also height amongst other things.

Now I probably could have titled this post; the shortest list of attractions in any theme park in the world. But that doesn't have quite the same ring to it, nor does it fit in alongside my other fastpass posts for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom

Jokes aside, just because Hollywood Studios doesn't currently have a lot to choose from by the way of fastpasses, this doesn't mean you should give any less consideration. I would even argue the exact opposite, particularly as the park is one of 2 that uses the 2 tier levels. 

What does this mean? Well, you are only allowed to choose 1 fastpass from tier 1 (show in red in the grid) and 2 from tier 2 (shown in black in the grid). This means you cannot fastpass what I class as all 3 headliners for this park - Toy Story, Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller. 

Below I have jotted down every Hollywood Studios Fastpass option and ranked them 1 - 3,

1 - Must fastpass/headliner attraction/renowned for long lines

2 - Not a headliner but a good use of a fastpass

3 - Fastpass really not necessary

* - these attractions should take priority if you are touring the parks with small children who won't necessarily benefit from, or want to ride the bigger attractions.  

My Magic Tips

1. Rope Drop 
If you have individuals who will be wanting to do both Toy Story and Rock n Rollercoaster (which I suggest you do) then I would definitely get to HS for park opening and head straight to the attraction you don't have a fastpass for. Both attractions will see 60 - 90 minute waits for most of the day and in my opinion neither have particularly exciting queue areas. 

2.Take in a Show 
In all fairness, HS is a half day park right now, however if you actually make a point of seeing all the shows in the park you could easily stretch it out into the very late afternoon before heading for dinner at Disney Springs or a nearby resort...Yachtsman anyone?!?!
The Frozen Singalong is brilliant for both kids and adults alike and will get you out of the Florida heat and into the air con for a good 30 minutes. 
All the shows at HS have good capacity and therefore I don't rank them as necessary fastpasses but don't think this means you shouldn't do them.

3. Fantasmic!
If you do rope drop this park, you likely will be done by mid to late afternoon. But Pleeeeeaaaase don't miss Fantasmic! even if it means coming back to the park later on. It is a fantastic show that doesn't just revolve around fireworks. There isn't a bad seat in this outside auditorium so don't worry about arriving late, but be warned if you sit right at the front you may get a little moist!


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