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Review: Joe's Crab Shack, I-Drive

International Drive is a Mecca of restaurants and eateries. If you fancy it, then you can probably find it on I-drive.

Now I cant say they are all worth taking a detour for, but Joe's Crab Shack is one joint that is definitely worth a drive from Disney.

The focus here is on seafood, fish and obviously CRAB! Don't get me wrong, we have some beautiful fish back home in the U.K, but the stuff they are pulling in over here is next level. You aren't going to find snow or king crab legs down your local fishmongers, meaning all the more reason to try it out whilst you are on holiday!


As I said, Joes is on I-drive, but its pretty south so it wont take you much more than 15 minutes depending where you are on Disney property. 
If you are staying on or near I drive then its trolley stop 13. 

Its pretty much opposite the Orlando eye, but don't worry about missing it....

See what I mean.


I really enjoyed the setting inside Joe's. Its modern, bright and airy, and appeared exceptionally clean when we visited. What I did appreciate, and what is always a good sign in a fish restaurant is that you couldn't actually smell fish when you walked in. 

With the palm trees outside and the seaside decor inside, it's just one of those places that really gives you those holiday vibes, and I LOVE it! 

On this occasion we sat inside but there is a really nice deck area on the outside which would be great for dining al fresco, or just for drinks and nibbles if you are are staying on I-drive. They offer a happy hour which changes from time to time but always features some beers, cocktails and snacks. 

This is a table service restaurant, but its pretty chilled out and I found all the staff to be really friendly. Our server was efficient but it was nice to see he had time to spend chatting with us as well as his other tables nearby.

One of my favourite things here are the bibs they bring you to protect your finery from fishy splashback! The servers usually write a rather cheesy quote on them. Its all very lighthearted but it's definitely an ice breaker!

The Food

And now for the good stuff....

The menu features everything from fish and chips to shrimp to steam pots and buckets of crab legs. There are also a couple of options for the non fish eaters such as steak and pasta, but we were here for some serious seafood...

Now I don't usually go for a starter because I know I will have no chance of finishing my main course, however we had a voucher for a free appetizer after signing up on the website. (You can do the same here).

We decided to get the calamari. If we had paid for this it would have been $9 with tax and it was
H-U-G-E! Like seriously the 2 of us couldn't eat it all. This would be great to share if a few people were having drinks. The picture doesn't do it justice.

The calamari was crisp and well seasoned. Some of the best I have had.

For a main course, me and my sister decided to share a steam pot. We got the 'Arctic Bay' which has both crab and lobster, as well as shrimp and smoked sausage. Steam pots come with red skinned potatoes and corn. We also got some hush puppies and fries as we were sharing what was meant to be for 1 person.

All of the seafood was fresh and there was plenty of it. Everything was cooked perfectly. The smoked sausage was delicious and because it was all steamed together, the juices had gone into the potatoes and corn. Mmmmmmmm.

Some of the entrees are a little pricey here but there was more than enough for 2 people in that steam pot with an extra side so I would definitely consider sharing. I don't know if doggy bags were an option here but I for one wouldn't like to be eating seafood the next day!

Drinks wise, I washed mine down with a domestic beer (though I cant remember which one), which set me back just $3!! Yes I forgot to mention, between 3 and 6pm they offer happy hour discounts on select food items and beers, wines and cocktails. Check out the website here for up to date offers.
We also both had a soft drink, which our server refilled multiple times for free.
I always forget that they refill your soda for free at most places in the US. I wish they did it over here.  Our server also gave us a to-go cup full of soda to take with us which I thought was a nice


Overall Joe's offers some great quality seafood at a fair price, and more importantly, there are delicious options you won't find back here in the U.K so its great if you like to try new things.
 If you aren't seafood fans I probably would give it a miss, but you may still want to go for happy hour drinks and snacks if you are staying on or near International Drive.

If you do plan to visit, make sure you sign up on their website for your free appetiser and tag me on Instagram in all your hilarious bib photos!

K x

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  1. This has been a family favourite of ours since I was 12! Such a fun restaurant and always good food, service and (now I'm over 21) cocktails!
    Even though we are staying onsite this year and have the Disney Dining Plan we are definitely going to the Joe's at Celebration the night we arrive to get our fix of our fav restaurant in America :)