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WARNING: This post may induce severe hunger, meat sweats, dribbling and in extreme cases, the sudden and uncontrollable urge to book a trip to Orlando.

Longhorns has become a bit of an Orlando tradition for me now. I have eaten there on the last 3 trips and although we were going to try a different steakhouse this year we have reverted back to the aforementioned (very little persuasion needed). I mean why take the risk of trying somewhere new when you can get this...

The Porterhouse

Now you see the need for the disclaimer at the top huh!?


Longhorns is a chain of steakhouses with a couple of locations within driving distance of Walt Disney World. 
In this post we will be focusing on the one on International Drive. 

The restaurant sits just below the Sand Lake crossroads on I drive and right by the number 11 trolley stop making it easily accessible. 


I really enjoy the inside of longhorn's with its ranch style theming and decor. You'll notice cattle horns above the bar and a log burner effect fire blazing (though I don't think it actually provides any heat). 

The air con is always just right and there is a mixture of tables and booths for seating. I love the booths. They are super comfy and add a little privacy to the table.

In terms of service, we have never had a bad experience here. The servers are always friendly and really efficient. 

The Food

You guessed it! Steak takes to the forefront of this mouthwateringly good menu, but you will also find chicken, pork chops, ribs and the like served up in gargantuan portions with sides such as lobster tails and 'the loaded baked potato'. Vegetarians, I'd sit this one out.

The meal starts off with complimentary freshly baked bread, simple but delicious, with proper butter. Mmmmm

don't fill up too much, there's plenty more to come!

Drinks wise you will find beers, wines, cocktails and soft drinks. My sister always has the strawberry lemonade while I have to get a Pibb! as you just can't find it in many places. 

All the soft drinks are refillable so don't be surprised when a fresh one appears at your table before you have even finished the first.

When you have finally decided what you want off the menu your meal will start with a salad of your choice.

We all chose the mixed salad with dressing on the side. It contains iceberg, cucumber, tomato, onion, grated cheddar and the most delicious seasoned croutons. I always stock up on longhorn seasoning at Walmart when I visit (see here). 

This ingredients are always super fresh and the cheese and croutons stop it from being a boring run of the mill salad, a great way to start the meal.

Now onto the main event....

Half Rack of ribs with Fries

12oz Prime Rib with Mac and Cheese

Sirloin with Shrimp, Rice and Fries 

The pictures really don't do the size of the plates justice. Lets just say none of us managed to clear our plates, but we did take the leftovers back for a midnight snack. 

I really enjoy the Mac and cheese option here. It isn't like the cheap slop you get in some places and has lots of cheese and breadcrumbs grilled on top.


The Loaded Baked Potato is also a winner with soured cream, cheese and bacon.

All of the steaks are cooked to absolute perfection every time and My sisters boyfriend who opted for ribs on our last visit said they were delicious. They were literally falling off the bones. 

This is what defeat looks like

The 2 standout options for me however are the porterhouse, (which you will need to share) and the prime rib which was unlike any steak I have ever eaten. So tender and full of flavour. You can see it above.


Needless to say this is one of my favourite restaurant in Orlando full stop. It is a must do on every trip and I don't think there is a bad option on that menu. 

I have eaten numerous steaks on Disney property and I do love Yachtsman Steakhouse over at the Yacht club, however unless I was on the dining plan again I don't think I would pay out of pocket for it when I can go to longhorn's for less than half the price, and equal quality. 

If you love steak be sure to factor in a meal at Longhorns on your next trip, you won't regret it. 

If you do plan to visit, make sure you sign up on their website here for a free appetiser as well as other offers. 

K x 


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