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Via Napoli was the one table service restaurant I was really looking forward to trying this trip. I have wanted to eat there for ages and never got round to it. I am a huge pizza fan. As in I like huge pizza! lol. 

No but seriously I like pizza, and I like authentic pizza. None of your goodfellas frozen crap, not for me thanks.

Now this place has received great reviews since it first opened, I just couldn't miss it another year.

Decor, Theming and Service

Via Napoli sits at the very back of the Italy pavilion in Epcot. This pavilion is one that until this year I had spent very little time in. It doesn't have any attractions but it does have plenty of food options and if you spend some time exploring all the nooks and crannies, you will see just how beautiful it really is. 

As you step inside and into the lobby/reception area there is a host stand and plenty of space while you inevitably wait for your table. 

 Waiting Area

Love this light fitting!

As you step into the restaurant you receive a sensory bombardment or sights, sounds and smells. Like most Disney restaurants it was pretty noisy but the tables were well spaced and you didn't feel crammed in which was nice. 

The wait stations were covered in authentic oils and pepper mills. You could smell the fresh dough cooking throughout and I could not wait to tuck in.

The service was surprisingly good. I hadn't heard great things about the service here and I don't know if we just got lucky but she was friendly and quick. She explained things on the menu and told us about the produce they use and how everything is imported from Italy, even the water used to make the pizza dough! 

I also have to give a shoutout to the runners who brought us water constantly, filled our sodas and made sure we were well looked after. 

The Food

The menu is fairly large. You will find a couple of pasta's, salads and starters but the main event and why most people come here is for the pizza. 

There are lots of different topping options here, and I don't mean ham and pineapple or a mighty meaty! Alternatively you can have a classic margharita or create your own by picking from a vast array of traditional toppings in any combination you want.

You will also notice that the prices are really reasonable by Disney standards at least. The largest pizza starts from $39 and would serve a family of 4 with ease. Now thats less than you would spend in some quick service restaurants. 

Drinks wise there are the usual sodas plus some classic Italian sodas. Lots of Italian wines and beers as well as a few cocktails such as a Bellini and a rather delicious sounding strawberry limoncello frozen cocktail that I unfortunately didn't notice on the night. 

The three of us decided to sway on the edge of caution and opt for the medium sized pizza. We asked if we were able to go half and half which was absolutely no problem, so if you are struggling to decide then don't worry. We had one half Piccante (spicy Italian sausage) and one half margherita. 
I think there is a lot to be said for a restaurant who can nail a simple margherita and Via Napoli didn't disappoint. 

The chefs make the pizza in the open kitchen. Behind them are the 3 pizza ovens

 That crust!!!

 Its so hard to really show just how big the pizza is

 Lets Eat!

Each slice spilled over the plate

I don't actually know where to start. In a word it was DELICIOUS.

The margarita was simple and fresh, the mozzarella was undeniably fresh and great quality, and the crust was that perfect crispy yet still doughy stone baked kind. 

The picante half was just as amazing and I am so glad we tried it. It was seasoned with fennel and had a nice kick to it. It didn't burn your mouth off but there was a little heat. 

We finished the medium sized pizza with ease, but we hadn't eaten in the afternoon. Because the base is thinner and fresh so it isn't as stodgy as some pizza and you didn't feel as bloated and full after eating it. We probably could have had a go at the large but to be honest I would rather save room for dessert or a sweet treat from Karamelle Kuche in the German pavilion on the way out. 


Unless for some crazy reason you don't like pizza, Via Napoli should be on your list to eat at on your next trip to Epcot.

I will definitely try and eat here again on my next trip as it was not only yummy but really good value for money. 

Epcot is renowned for its vast array of good quality restaurants but I think this has rightfully earned its place somewhere at the very top of that list. 

Have you eaten at Via Napoli? what did you think, leave a comment below and don't forget to tag me in your insta pics @the_foolish_disney_mortal. 

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