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If there's one thing I love more than Disney Parks, its Disney food! The food at Walt Disney World is such an experience in itself and there is just so much to choose from, which is why sometimes I enjoy simply snacking my way through the parks rather than having 1 or 2 big meals.

Each park has items that are specific to that park or even land, while others you will find throughout WDW. 

Today I am going to run through my top 10

Lets jump straight in!

The Mickey Krispie Treat 

If somebody says Disney snack to me, this is 100% the first thing I think of. I LOVE them. I do think the fact they are Mickey shaped helps, but I am partial to a Krispy treat anyway. Once inside the parks you will find Mickey treats in various formats at what feels like every corner. 

I think what I enjoy most about these is that they aren't overly sweet and because they are basically Rice Krispies and sugar they are light as well, so I can nearly always make room for one!  

Some come pre packaged on stands in gift shops, but I personally like the ones from the counters in places such as Main St confectionary in Magic Kingdom. They often feel fresher and seem bigger. 

There are normally an array of toppings available on the Krispies, from M&Ms or butterfinger pieces to just chocolate, sprinkles or seasonal coloured treats. 

Also, if you head to Goofys candy Co. in Disney Springs, you can choose your own combination of toppings and chocolate drizzle for your very own custom Mickey treat made in front of you!

Citrus Swirl 

Another sweet treat now, the citrus swirl is an absolute must do for me on a hot day in MK. Like the dole whip this frozen snack has a bit of a cult following, and you will find merchandise with nods to the swirl and its mascot, the orange bird throughout the parks. 

For anyone who hasn't tried this, it is basically soft serve ice cream (whippy ice cream) swirled with frozen pure orange juice, like the stuff you drink at breakfast. The ice cream stops the orange being too sharp and the orange stops the ice cream being to sweet. It really is the best pairing since Mickey met Minnie IMO. 

You will only find these at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom and at only $4.29 they are really good value. The cast members often overload the cup, swirling the duo really tall. 

Recently there was an uproar when Disney changed the citrus swirl to a much sweeter synthetic Orange swirl. The citrus version was brought back almost immediately, but the orange concoction is still there so make sure you ask for CITRUS. I would hate for you to miss out on this.


Right thats enough sweet treats for a minute. Lets have some savoury. Pretzels are an easy go to snack in the Disney parks. They are pretty filling and fairly cheap, making them a great in between when you have a while until your next meal. 

I have to mention the Mickey shaped pretzels. These pretzels are soft and doughy, and usually very salty. I actually shake some of the salt off mine as there is so much. They are really delicious though and great for an insta pic or 5. Most carts or stands that sell these offer them with cheese sauce either as an extra charge or as standard, but for a premium price. Personally I don't rate this pre packaged sauce so feel free to ask for your pretzel without. It will normally save you a dollar. 

You can also find flavoured and stuffed pretzels in various places throughout the parks too. My current favourite is the Pepperjack Pretzel available only from The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland. It has melty cheese and jalapeƱo running through it as well as crispy melted cheese on the top. This one makes a great light lunch. 

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese isn't a snack you say?! Well I say you are wrong! 

You will find Mac and cheese in many formats throughout WDW, but more recently we have seen a number of places offering smaller portions of plain and gourmet style topped Macs, perfect for a mid afternoon snack or side order. 

One of my favourites can be found at Earl of Sandwich as it happens in Disney Springs. Now I understand you don't generally head to the Earl for anything other than some serious fillings sandwiched between 2 chunks of bread, but hold that thought. 

The Mac here is fresh, creamy and uber cheesy!! They basically cram a handful cheese on top and then heat it giving you a solid stringy cheese lid on your Mac. It isn't the prettiest but its up there with the tastiest. 

Portion wise I might be stretching the term 'snack' here as its definitely big enough for lunch but you could always share.... though for only $4.99 you might as well just get your own! 

If we head over to Animal Kingdom now, theres a new Mac in town and this one means business. 
Let me introduce you to the BBQ pulled pork baked macaroni and cheese at Eight Spoon Cafe.

Now this Mac is bringing friends to the party. We've got the pork, BBQ sauce, spring onions AND pickles! Now they are friends you want at this taste party. 

Egg Rolls

Staying in Animal Kingdom, if you head over to the Yak and Yeti quick service location you will find some of the best quick service in this park. But if you haven't got room for a full meal, then order the egg rolls (spring rolls if you're from my side of the pond).

You can get either one egg roll or 2 and they are huge. They tend to come piping hot and have pork and vegetables crammed inside. They aren't spicy as such, but they are quite heavy on the black pepper so little kids might not like them. I however could eat them all day and at only $5.99 for 2, you could.

From time to time there have been egg rolls available at carts in other parks.  Magic kingdom had cheeseburger egg rolls a while back but they aren't available at present. If you are craving an egg roll or 3 be sure to head over to Yak and Yeti.

Also my top tip is to check the condiment cart to the right hand side of the window where you pick your food up. They have some really interesting options here such as a Thai style chilli sauce and duck sauce which is a bit like a sweet and sour style orange sauce. Yum.

Loaded Fries 

Seems like we're onto a good thing here in AK so why go anywhere else?! Lets wander over to Flame Tree BBQ... can't find it on the map, just follow the smell of smoked meat and you'll get there! 

Now there have been various loaded fries throughout WDW over the years. You can find Canadian Poutine over at refreshment port in Epcot, loaded fries at The Plaza in Magic Kingdom, but these bad boys are my current favourite!

Pulled Pork and Cheese Topped Fries 

Topped with a generous helping of pork, cheese sauce and finished with BBQ sauce and spring onions, these are a pretty hefty snack (more of a light lunch), but a pretty delicious one too. 

At $6.79 plus tax they aren't the cheapest way to keep hunger at bay but they are definitely one of the tastiest.  I would love to see flame tree expand on these topped fries in the future with some different toppings.


Popcorn is a staple on the Disney snacking scene. You can smell it pretty much as soon as you set foot on Main St. 

Theres freshly popped corn from carts throughout the parks as well as pre popped corn in bags at certain merchandise locations too. 

You can also find some speciality popcorns such as the gourmet buffalo bleu cheese corn at the easily missable popcorn cart in front of the imagination pavilion in Epcot. This is a bit of a hidden gem of WDW as the cart doesn't even have a name and this flavoured corn isn't advertised anywhere at all. 

Also in Epcot you can find this delectable caramel covered popcorn, made fresh at Karamelle Kuche in the German pavilion. 

I find it hard to resist a sweet treat from karamelle kuche at the best of times, but these bags of sweet and sticky caramel covered corn make a perfect accompaniment to Illuminations, the Epcot firework show. 

Roule Lard & Fromage

If you head over to the France pavilion, it may seem like there is no quick service option here at all, but if you delve a little further back you will be rewarded with Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie and an array of snack options. 

My favourite is this savoury swirly doughy treat. 

Its basically a bread roll swirled with cheese and bacon chunks. It makes a fantastic breakfast with a freshly brewed cup of Joe and its only $3.95, making it the cheapest item on this list. 

If you want to be really gluttonous, do what I did and ask for some of the fantastic French butter to smear all over it! 

Lefou's Brew 

O.K so this really is a drink, but sometimes when its 30 degrees in the shade, all you really need is a serious amount of ice. Yeah you could get a free iced water, but sometimes you need a little sweetness too. Lefou's brew to the rescue.

I tried this frozen concoction for the first time on my trip to WDW this year. I wasn't sure if I would like it at all, but I absolutely loved it, and went back for more!

Its basically frozen apple juice, with a little caramel syrup and a passionfruit foam. The foam gives it a real zing and the little bit of syrup creates a sort of toffee apple flavour every time you get a bit. The slightly sharp apple juice keeps it super refreshing on a hot day and makes a change to the usual bright blue synthetic slushies.

You can only find this brew at Gastons Tavern in new fantasyland for $5.79. Don't miss it.

Kaki Gori 

Last but definitely not least, Kaki Gori is basically Japanese shaved ice. You will find it at Kabuki cafe, the little kiosk at the front of the Japan pavilion for only $4. 

There are a number of unusual flavours including melon, tangerine and rainbow, but my go to fave is cherry. 

I am often in need of something ice cold by the time I get to Japan around the world showcase and there is nothing better than this mountain of shaved ice. 

Its simple I know, but its one of those things that a lot of people don't know about until they have already passed it so I wanted to include it on my list. Plus I have one every trip without fail so I really couldn't miss it out. 

NOTE: Everything I have included in this list is available for a snack credit on the Disney Dining plan. 

What are your favourite snacks at WDW, have you tried all of mine? let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Instagram @the_foolish_disney_mortal where I post foodie pics every Friday!

Happy Snacking

K x 


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