Friday, 29 June 2018

The Parks in Pixels: Main St USA

I started this blog because I LOVE Disney parks, I'm highly opinionated and I wanted to help people who were travelling to the parks for the first or maybe even second time, and who wanted some help in planning their trips.

However, sometimes I think people don't always want to read a lengthy ramble about fastpasses or what my favourite restaurants are, but simply enjoy looking at the pictures to both prepare for their trip and remind them of previous ones.

These posts won't really have much by the way of writing or information, but simply pictures with a brief description if I think it is necessary.

I have always taken hundreds of photos on every Disney trip, but on my most recent one, I really tried to improve the quality of the shots I was taking. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but I am starting this Parks in Pixels segment to showcase some of my favourite snaps and I am hoping some of you will simply enjoy scrolling through some of the pictures.

I had to start where I start every Disney trip, with Main St USA. It is quintessential Disney and makes me feel at home as soon as I set foot on it.

Main St USA 

If you look up at the windows of main st you will see names that are more than just fiction

Did you know, you can actually post a letter from this mailbox!!

have you found this door yet?

To the sides of Main St you will find these little Cul de sacs that are often deserted and a great place to enjoy your Starbucks from Main St Bakery 

A walk down Main St isn't complete without some corn dog nugs from Caseys

The crystal palace, in the distance is a character buffet with pooh and friends 

Hub grass and chill anyone ?

Be sure to see how many of these brass figures you can spot around the hubs

If you spot these guys, make sure you stop, they aren't just a band, they are frickin hilarious!!!

 from the hubs, you can travel to any of the magical lands

and of course at the very bottom lies cinderella castle, the gateway to fantasyland 

So those are my favourite pictures from my last trip down Main St, I hope you have enjoyed them and they have given you a little Disney Magic. 

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