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Ok so you've booked your fastpasses, you made your dining reservations what seems like 3 years ago and you've planned all your must do's... Flights of passage, meet Mickey Mouse, have a dole whip... well heres a few more things you may not have heard about or might have even thought about skipping altogether!

Lets jump straight in.

1. The Boardwalk Area/Resort

The boardwalk area should be somewhere you make a point of visiting on your Walt Disney World trip just the same as say Disney Springs.

The Boardwalk area is set out like a typical American pier or Boardwalk complete with shops ( which you can normally find unique and less available items in), bars, Surrey bikes, restaurants and even busker style entertainment acts in the evening.

By day the boardwalk area is generally quiet and a perfect place to escape from the crowds of Hollywood studios and Epcot which are both nearby. If you are in Hollywood studios you might want to head over to the boardwalk for a mid afternoon break or lunch. The current quick service situation in HS is pretty abysmal and the sandwiches at Boardwalk Bakery are worth the short boat ride alone.

But then you can't come to the boardwalk without paying a visit to one of the newest additions to the area; Ample Hills Creamery. This ice cream haven has its original and only other store in the big apple, so you really must try this as you won't be getting it anywhere else.

They have some flavour combinations you won't find anywhere else, let alone on Disney property and I have honestly dreamt about the ooey gooey butter cake since the day after I ate it.

 If you keep walking around the boardwalk you will also come to the yacht and beach club which are worth a stroll around. All 3 resorts here have beautiful grounds and interiors. Be warned though, once you see them you will want to stay there!

2. The Monorail Loop 

Technically the Disney World monorail is a form of transport to get you between the Magic Kingdom and Magic Kingdom area resorts, however just because you aren't staying at one of these resorts doesn't mean you can't use it and I would recommend everyone does a full loop at least once! 

Its not everyday you get to travel on a 'highway in the sky' and some of the views and photo opportunities are really special. You will see things and get angles on the resorts and parks you cannot get anywhere else. 

Monorail Selfie!

3. Maharajah Jungle Trek 

Animal kingdom blew me away the very first time I set foot in it, and continues to do so every single visit. 

The themeing throughout, the architecture, every single detail carefully orchestrated to make you feel like you are really standing in the middle of a Mongolian village or right there on the African plains. 
Animal Kingdom sets the tone and emerges you in a way unlike any of the other parks. 

This park isn't about fairytales and fantasy, its about real life places and people, culture and history. 

The maharajah jungle trek can be found in back corner of Asia, past yak and yeti and the rapids. 

So many people miss this attraction out completely, because it isn't a thrill ride or they simply don't notice it. 

This is the one place in the park where you can see tigers, and the set up of their enclosure means you are almost guaranteed to see them as well. 

Just a tiger cub in a fountain....

The theming is truly amazing, you begin by walking through a forest style area before entering some old temple ruins where you will find the tigers. 

This attraction is worth it for the theming alone, and I can honestly say I would still walk through, even if there were no animals at all!

4. The Muppets Courtyard / Grand Avenue

Theres not a lot going on at Hollywood Studios at the moment and I know a lot of people completely miss out Muppets area because its kind of out of the way of the other major attractions and to be honest, this is probably going to get worse once Star Wars opens next year, but please please please, take half an hour out of your day to explore this whimsical and quite frankly hilarious corner of the park. 

Now I didn't grow up with the muppets, far from it. I never actually watched them as child. I knew what they were but I just wasn't interested, however as an adult, the jokes and gags really appeal to me and although the parks are exciting and fun and beautiful, if you really think about it, there aren't that many places or attractions that actually make you laugh out loud. 

The muppets 3D show is hilarious and is nearly always a 0 minute wait so its a great thing to do between fastpasses or if it rains ( not that that should be the only reason you do watch it)

Since the reimagineering of the streets of America into grand avenue, Disney has put some extra love and effort into the muppets area and its well worth a look around. 

There are so many hidden jokes and details and if you are a genuine muppets fan or you watched them as a child then do not miss this hidden gem in the park. 

5. Queues 

Yep, thats right, Queues! I know most of the time we aim to get on a ride in the shortest time possible and book our fastpasses like some sort of military operation, but I don't want you to get too hung up on not being able to get every single fastpass, or worry because you are going at peak time.

Some of the queue lines at Disney are so incredibly immersive and play a massive part of the attraction itself. Sometimes even by fastpassing them you miss out on so much Disney Magic. 

Some of the intricate theming in the Flight of Passage queue

Now don't get me wrong I don't ever want to stand in line for 4 hours, but 30 to 40 minutes in a queue like expedition Everest absolutely whizzes past because there is just so much to see. I love all the details and there is such a strong backstory to this ride, I am planning to do a whole blog just on that.

Just some of the amazing detailing from the Expedition Everest queue

My favourite queues include Expedition Everest as I mentioned, Peter Pan as it has so many interactive elements now. Space mountain is a personal favourite because its cool and dark which is lovely on a hot day, the music is really chilled and there are games to play as you go along.

I also love tower of terror because it generally moves quickly but again there is so much to see and it really builds up the suspense.

Dumbo is great if you have small children as there is a play area which you can use until they call you for your turn.

There is always so much more than meets the eye at Walt Disney World, and my advice would be that even if something looks 'boring' or is 'just for kids', do it anyway! You might love it, or even learn something!

A trip to Walt Disney world shouldn't  just be about riding the rides, its about creating memories and experiencing things with your loved ones too. 

If you take the time to really look a little further, whether its in the queue lines, a restaurant or hotel you are sure to find something really worthwhile around every corner.

What are your most underrated things as WDW? let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on Instagram @the_foolish_disney_mortal for more posts like this.

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