Monday, 24 September 2018

There's nothing better than an all American breakfast to start your park day off right, and on my last trip I decided to try Denny's for the first time ever.

Dennys is a typical American diner serving breakfast all day, everyday. As well as burgers, steaks, shakes and skillets. You can literally find something for everybody on the menu here and you will find most of the Denny's in busy areas such as Lake Buena Vista open 24hours so they make a perfect jet lagged pit stop too.


You will Denny's what seems liken every corner in Orlando. Theres numerous along I-drive and near sea world and Universal. The particular one we ate at is just off Palm Parkway as we were staying at the Clarion Inn. It took us about 5 minutes to walk to and is about a 5 minute drive from Disney springs straight up Hotel Plaza Boulevard then left if you are staying on property. 

There is plenty of parking available

Alternatively if you aren't renting a car bu want to give Denny's a go, take the 50 bus from Disney springs up hotel plaza boulevard or simply walk which will take you about 20-25 mins from Disney Springs. 


Like most diners in the US the decor is pretty basic and isn't anything to write home about. You will find plenty of seating. Some tables, some booths. We were sat in a booth which I like and everything was basic but really clean.

On the tables you have everything you need, napkins, salt and pepper, sauces and SYRUP!! so you can pour on as much as you like!

Our server here, Lashan was really fantastic. Friendly, efficient and really genuine. She is an absolute asset to that place and probably the nicest server I have ever had. Being able to remember her and her name 6 months on says it all really.

The Food

We were here for breakfast so pancakes were a must! Me and my Sister shared a 'Lumberjack Slam' (pictured above),which included, 2 bacon, 2 eggs as you like, 2 sausages, Canadian ham, hash browns, 2 pancakes and a choice of bread which can be toast, a biscuit or English muffin. 

Everything was cooked well, the bacon was good and I don't usually like the bacon in America but this was really tasty. The eggs were runny as we asked and the sausages were delicious. 

The real highlight for me though was the pancakes. So light and fluffy and HUGE. I love that you can pour your own syrup on here too.

The pancakes alone were a decent breakfast 

Joe had the Dulche de leche pancakes, which were cinnamon and caramel pancakes with cream and extra caramel for pouring over. Not my cup of tea but he loved them. 

I think its worth noting that normally the pancakes come with another plate of bacon, eggs and hash browns for around $12 depending on which you choose but Joe chose to have just the pancakes for half the price which worked well as the pancakes are huge. But you could order the whole caboodle and share. 

 The bill


Both the food and service here were outstanding. I dream about those pancakes regularly and in terms of value for money, you will struggle to get a breakfast for anywhere near that price on Disney property. 

I have eaten at numerous restaurants in the parks and resorts and I honestly think Denny's is just as good if not better than some. I also preferred these pancakes to Ihop (controversial)

Denny's is definitely worth a quick drive if you are in need of a good breakfast or brunch any time of the day.

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