Sunday, 2 September 2018

Day 1 for me is unquestionably spent in Magic Kingdom on every trip, and this year was no different.

For first timers I think walking down Main St. and seeing the castle should be your first Disney experience and for people like me it simply lets me know I am home.

Our day begins early, but we miss rope drop by a mile as we find the bus system offsite harder to navigate than I anticipated.

One thing I learned this trip is that you cannot get a bus from Disney Springs to any of the MK resort area hotels before around 10:45. This is undoubtedly to stop people parking in Disney Springs for free and then heading off on the Disney bus system.

Don't get me wrong you can still do it but its a bit of a hassle and most people who perhaps don't know the parks that well wouldn't know what to do. We ended up getting a bus to French Quarter and from FQ to Magic Kingdom. This isn't something I would want to do every day.

In Magic Kingdom we meet some feathered friends in Liberty Square on our way to our first ride of the day... The Haunted Mansion, what else!?

We spend a lot of time eyeing up all this years merch in Memento Mori and Big Top Treats, then end the first half of the day with lunch at Columbia Harbour House, one of my favourite quick service restaurants in MK.

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