Sunday, 7 October 2018

Its day 3 and we are headed to Typhoon Lagoon!
Let me start by apologising for the quality of the footage from the waterpark. I trialled using my phone in a waterproof pouch but was holding my phone normally all the time and I now know that for youtube it should be horizontal so I have had to crop to fit and lets just say the quality isn't the best. Oh well..

Now I hear a lot of people don't visit the waterparks on their WDW trips and I really want to change that. Typhoon Lagoon is my favourite of the 2 water parks on Disney property and a must do for me every time.

I completely understand that for US visitors who are maybe at the resort for a couple of days they may not want to take time out to visit one of the water parks but for UK visitors who generally visit for 2 weeks or more I would 100% recommend taking a day or a couple of half days out to visit one of the water parks. You can read my Typhoon Lagoon overview here

We then head to Hollywood Studios. This park is currently under a lot of construction and although there isn't as much to do there as the other parks, it still has 2 of my favourite thrill rides.
We ride both Tower of Terror and Rock n Rollercoaster before checking out the recently overhauled Grand Avenue/Muppets Courtyard area.

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As always thank you so much for watching and I will see you next Sunday for Day 3 Part 2!

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