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Named after the hero of Disney's Casey and the Bat, this restaurant will hit your hunger out of the park!

Now anyone who knows me, watches my vlogs or follows me on instagram will know that Caseys Corner in Magic kingdom is my no.1 spot for a quick service meal.

I dont know exactly what it is, but I have to eat here at least once a trip and generally eat here on both the first and last day.

I honestly think it stems from my first ever trip to Disneyland Paris as a child as they also have a Casey's there too and I remember eating there and just being amazed.

Now this might not be the most interesting or unique quick service option in WDW but its delicious never the less, consistently good and they do have a number of rotating speciality meals that mean you can try something different every trip.


 Caseys can be found on the corner of  Main St USA in Magic Kingdom. If you are walking towards the castle it is on the bottom left corner. You can't really miss it. The huge C, the American flag flying proud above and the Coca Cola memorabilia windows. 

Its location I think plays a part in its popularity. It is one of the first places people see to eat when they enter and so it sticks in their minds. It is also where people see when they are leaving the parks and realise they are hungry so always be prepared to wait a little. It does get busy, especially at peak times.

Decor, Theming and Service

You will notice straight away that Caseys is heavily influenced and based around 2 things... Baseball and Coca Cola. Now one of these things I love and one of them I know absolutely nothing about, but the quintessential all American feel from the moment you step inside completely has my heart here. 

Quite honestly I could just sit in here all day because I love the theming so much. I love all the old fashioned coke memorabilia and like Main St USA, this place makes you feel like you have stepped completely back in time to a period where things were so much simpler, happier and carefree. 

The one issue with Casey's is that seating inside is minimal and even outside there isn't anywhere near enough tables and chairs for the hoards of patrons that visit it every mealtime, so you will often find families hovering over you while you eat the last of your fries, hoping to swoop in and nab your table from you before someone else does. Not necessarily relaxed dining. 

But if you can eat in between peak times and are happy to substitute air con for some seriously big brats then this place is a good shout.

Service is simple, they take your order at the counter and your food comes out a hatch a few minutes later usually. To say how many people they serve, they are really efficient and I always find very helpful explaining the dining plan allowances to people here. 

The Food

Put simply, Casey's serves Hot Dogs. And lots of em'!

The various dogs come with fries and you can get soft drinks, cotton candy, crackerjacks, and corn dog nuggets.

Now this might sound limited, but its all about the toppings here. You can choose from a Mac and cheese topped dog, chilli cheese dog or a seasonal special which could be anything from salsa and tortillas to pulled pork and slaw, pickles or even mashed potato!!

There is also a little toppings bar with sauerkraut, mustard, pickles and onions for you to load up your dogs even further. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, each of the hotdog variations comes in regular or FOOT LONG form! And if you are on the Disney dining plan, you can get the foot long as one of your meals.


Caseys might not offer culinary genius, but what it does offer is some really tasty food and fast, when you are hungry. The foot long dogs are huge, and easily shareable making it great value whether you are paying out of pocket or using a dining plan credit.

Views of the castle and/or Main St to accompany your meal, what more could you ask for?

Have you tried Casey's? what did you think, let me know in the comments and remember to tag me in your instagram pictures @the_foolish_disney_mortal

K x

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