Tuesday, 13 November 2018

In the last couple of years, Disney Springs has really upped its game in Avery aspect, but non more so than the dining options. The choice is now vast and there are some seriously good quality restaurants as well as fast food, food trucks and some pretty posh chocolatiers and patisseries.

Its a disney foodies dream and somewhere I have to head to every single trip.

As soon as I heard the announcement for homecomin' all the way back in 2015, I knew it was going to be on my must eats list.


Homecomin' sits in the town centre area of Disney Springs, just across from Morimoto Asia and STK, and over the stream from D-luxe Burger and Blaze Fast Fired Pizza. 


The restaurant itself is kind of understated with no over the top theming or garish designs. It makes a welcome break after being in the parks all day. I wouldn't say this would be your top spot for date night as such but it would make a great choice for an adult only meal perhaps with a group of friends. 

There are tables outside which you could perhaps have a drink at first, or as we did eat your entire meal there. The temperatures in Florida mean that even late into the evening its more than comfortable to sit outside and we loved the atmosphere. 

Our server was very friendly and opened up the meal by telling us a little about Art Smith. The man behind the menu. He was Oprah's personal chef for years and specialises in southern, home cooked comfort food. BRING IT ON!!

The Food

The menu is full of solid southern comfort food. The main talking point here is the fried chicken, whether it be on a sandwich or on a plate with sides but you will also find fish, pulled pork, salads and sandwiches.

Prices aren't cheap but when you see the portions, you quickly realise you could easily split a main dish and this would make it exceptional value for money. 

I went for the fried chicken and doughnuts, I love a good sweet and savoury combo, Sarah had the fried chicken sandwich and Joe went for the Pork BBQ plate which was enough for 2 and then some!! 

The pictures don't really do the portions justice. The plates were huge and we honestly couldn't believe joes pulled pork plate when it arrived!! It was mahoosive!!

Everyone was really happy with their choices and I tried a bit of everything and can easily say I would have eaten all of any of the. 

Because of the portions though, we all left a considerable amount of food, and it isn't really the sort of food you can easily save and eat at a later date so we wasted an awful lot. I really would consider sharing, especially if you want to stand any chance of trying the desserts which we unfortunately had to skip. 

The flavours of everything were perfect. Well seasoned and well cooked. The chicken wasn't greasy or heavy but was still comforting and crispy. The Mac and cheese on the pulled pork plate was delicious and everything felt and tasted fresh and home made.


I would eat here again without hesitation. I think there is easily something on the menu for everyone and if you know the portion sizes in advance, you could easily make this a pretty cost effective meal. 

The food quality in Disney Springs overall has improved massively over the last few years and Homecomin' is a solid addition to the area. Disney Springs now feels really classy and upmarket. Its  a great place to be day or night and being able to wander around the area is a lovely way to end a meal. 

If like me, you are travelling from the UK, Homecomin' is a great opportunity to try some real traditional Floridian cuisine rather than your generic burgers and steaks. 

Make sure you add it to your list, if you haven't already! Oh and be sure to book. This place gets busy and I would hate for you to miss out.

K x 

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