Sunday, 9 December 2018

Its day 6 of our Disney trip and it is another water park day for us.

This time we head to blizzard beach, which both Sarah and Joe had never been to. Typhoon lagoon is my number one waterpark so I always tend to head there. I love the theming and the music and the whole vibe (you can read more about it here), but a trip to Blizzard beach was overdue and I think its really only fair that you make sure people new to the disney parks really get to see everything and make their minds up what they love.

We had a fantastic time, though we didn't do all the flumes, and we definitely didn't do summit plummet!!

One thing I do like about Blizzard Beach is that there is a lot of sheltered areas which may appeal to you if you have children, fair skin or just don't like to burn to a crisp. Typhoon lagoon is pretty much in direct sunlight all day apart from a handful of parasols so this is a definite advantage of BB.

In the afternoon we head to Walmart to do a big shop, and I mean a BIG shop. I have to hit the supermarkets when I'm in Orlando. I take so much stuff home. Most of its pure novelty and not very good for you but I love it.

We also use Lyft for the first time as opposed to Uber which we found to be slightly cheaper and,

You can save on the LYFT app until the end of 2018 with code TWITTER50 which will give you $5 off your first 10 rides!!

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