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As you are probably well aware the highly anticipated 'Mary Poppins Returns' released into UK cinemas on Friday (21st December 2018). There was a part of me that wanted to go and see it, but honestly more just because I wanted a trip to the cinema and not for the film itself.

I had hoped to see Ralph Breaks the Internet before now, but we try to avoid the larger cinemas if we can , particularly on a weekend as they fill with horrible chavvy kids, who throw their popcorn, make a racket and just be generally disruptive throughout.

This means we often have to wait until films come available in the tiny local theatre where we live and timings have meant we still haven't seen it yet.

But when we saw the odeon in town was reopening after a refurb, we decided to brave Mary Poppins on opening night.

Now the odeon has been fairly quiet for years, people tend to opt for the huge Cineworld or shopping centre screens here and the odeon was pretty old and run down so we gave it a miss too, but this is about to change!

Our odeon in Sheffield is not just any odeon now, no, its an Odeon Luxe!

What does this mean? It means reclining leather seats as standard, tray tables, stunningly crisp screens, better sound quality and premium drink options at the swanky bar before you go in, and all for the same sort of price as any other cinema. It was £8 each but midweek it is only £7.

You can find a full list of Odeon Luxe locations at the bottom of this blog

We booked the 8:30pm showing, on Friday night, so after a quick pizza express we headed over to the odeon and couldn't believe the transformation.

Inside was immaculate, the carpet felt thick enough to sleep on and the bar was swish with a great selection of wines and beers as well as the usual popcorn, nachos and ICE BLAST!!!!!!

Whilst on the subject of Ice Blast, has anyone else noticed that they have taken all the sugar out of it now an replaced it with artificial sweeteners. Honestly, can I have nothing in this world?! Its nowhere near as good as it used to be but I still have to have one in the cinema.

The lady who checked our tickets came in with us to show us how the chairs worked. We settled in pretty quickly. The chairs are huge and really puffy. You can recline as much or as little as you like and the way the seating is built means this doesn't impact at all on the people behind you as there is a so much space between each row and most actually had a partition between each row so you felt totally secluded.

The table is great for snacks and although we didn't have much as we had just eaten, you could definitely eat easily should you order something off their main menu.

As we had entered the screen we were the first ones in... well we turned out to be the last. It was one of the later showings and I think most people will have taken the kids during the day, so we sat slap bang in the middle, fully reclined to watch our own personal viewing of Mary Poppins Returns!

The film was brilliant. I thought Emily Blunt played it so well. Its always tricky in this sort of situation because for so long people have known Mary Poppins as Julie Andrews. That is it, that is Mary Poppins, but she had the character down to a tee and she wasn't cringey or naf at all and I think this will make the old school MP fans love her.

So the story takes place in pretty much all the same locations as the original. The film opens on Cherry Tree Lane, the admiral is still causing havoc with his hourly blasts, but instead of Bert, we find his old apprentice Jack, a local lamp lighter as our narrator.

Jane and Michael are all grown up and Michael has 3 children of his own, but he's behind on his loan payments and its looking like the bank might repossess the house. Mary Poppins to the rescue.

I mean she doesn't lend Michael the money or march into the bank to demand they give Michael more time to pay, but just as in the first film, she shows the family what they cant necessarily see right in front of them, with some fun along the way.

Once again the power of imagination, courage and most importantly love come through and win the day - (well, with a little help from Mary Poppins magic too).

This film is so relatable to anyone and everyone because of the morals and the family elements throughout, but then there are a few stronger messages and elements that will connect more with people who perhaps have been or are in that situation.

Michael is widowed, and there are a few emotional scenes, Mary Poppins teaches the children that their mother is all around them in a pretty moving vocal - ' The Place Where The Lost Things Go'. Such an important message for anyone, but in particular a child who has lost a loved one.

Of course the film is also full of upbeat numbers and fun throughout. A trip to visit Mary Poppins cousin (played by Meryl Streep) provides a pretty catchy tune and a scene I think little children will find quite funny.

My personal favourite scene was the bathtub scene, its classic Mary and the moment where the children first experience all her magic. The song 'Can you imagine that?' is super fun and the scene brings in some classic Disney animation which I love.

Like the original MP, bedknobs and broomsticks etc, I do love the combination of animation and live action throughout the film.

The only one criticism I have is that I would have loved a couple more nods to the original. Maybe one of the old songs, 'spoonful of sugar' perhaps.

You will hear a few moments of lets go fly a kite instrumental towards the end but apart form that this film is completely original.

That being said, I would 100% recommend going to see this whilst it is in the cinema. Its the sort of film that really needs to be seen on a big screen as it is so theatrical in parts, and in fact would be amazing on stage too. Perhaps we might see this in the not so distant future?

And if you do get chance, I would definitely try out an Odeon Luxe if you can. It was about £3 less per ticket for us and the whole experience and atmosphere was much nicer than any cinema I have been to in a long time. Not to mention the amazingly comfy seats.

Have you been to see Mary Poppins Returns yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

K x

You can find Odeon Luxe in 

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  • ODEON Luxe East Kilbride
  • ODEON Luxe Edinburgh West
  • ODEON Luxe Glasgow Quay
  • ODEON Luxe Leeds Bradford
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  • ODEON Luxe Sheffield

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