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Having what is known as refurbs and ride closures on your Disney trip can be frustrating and disappointing, but the likelihood is that you will encounter at least one on your magical Vacation.

Thanks to Carlie @Orange_to_orange for this photo of the castle construction in CA

With the recent announcement that the Castle in Disneyland, California was to undergo major refurbishment, ( seen above) this got me thinking about the extent to which construction in the parks can affect peoples trips and how to make sure it doesn't ruin yours.

1. Plan Ahead 

Planning is an integral part of any disney trip without a doubt, and for so many reasons. I advise people to book their fastpasses, make their dining reservations, but also to check the general parks calendar for things like ride closures, refurbs and park opening times. 

Most major works will be planned in advance and will be available for your to see on the Disney Parks Calendar.

You can also check my regularly updated Ride Closures and Refurbs page here, or find it on the disney drop down menu above.

If you know that a major refurb is due to happen throughout a specific month you may want to visit a different time of year, or in some cases refurbs can only be a few days long so you may just need to plan your daily itinerary accordingly and make sure you visit that park before or after the refurb. 

2. Don't leave it too late

Take that photo, ride that ride, watch that show. In all truthfulness we never 100% know what is around the corner and rides can need work at the drop of a sorcerers hat. 

If you really want to ride a specific attraction or see a certain show, do it! Don't wait just because you are coming to the park later on the trip. 

The perfect example of this was on my trip in 2016.
I hadn't really taken any photos of the castle but I didn't see any rush as I had loads more days planned in the magic kingdom... well about half way through our trip they put barriers up in front of the castle to prepare for the new stage show

Meaning pretty much every picture I took that trip looked like this... 

I tried to get a nice picture, but there was no getting away from those barricades :(

Also on my trip in 2018, Pirates of the Caribbean started having a lot of technical difficulties whilst we were there. It was closing multiple times a day, and sometimes for entire days. 

Luckily we managed to get on it a few times in the end, but what I am trying to say is, you never know if something might break or need urgent maintenance so don't miss out. 

Further to this I think Disney really showed us in 2017 that nothing is necessarily safe from closure.
If you had asked me 18 months ago if I could imagine a Disney World with no Great Movie Ride I would have answered a definite NO. But here we are, with a new ride on the horizon and no gangsters or cowboys in sight. 

What I am saying is, take nothing for granted, and even if like me, you visit the parks every year, don't just assume something will be there next year. Ride it now.

3. Disney Dates are Not The Same As Our Dates

No they dont have their own magical calendar with different months on it exactly. What I am basically trying to say here, is take any dates that Disney Parks project for a closure or open with a pinch of salt. 

Disney will no the rushed when it comes to openings, maintenance or the safety of their attractions and because of this are renowned for not always being on time. Frozen Ever After, Rivers of Light and Pandora are all prime recent examples of this, with Rivers of light being delayed 10 months!

I was expecting to be amongst the first to see this show during my 2016 April trip but unfortunately I missed it by a mile as it was pushed back numerous times to Feb 2017.

If a certain attraction is really important to you, be sure to allow plenty of buffer time to the opening or reopening date as things don't always go to plan, and this could be majorly disappointing. 

3. Its Not The End Of The World!

Thanks to Roisin @Rosh_92 for this pic of her clearly not bothered by the construction

I know this is easier said than done, but ultimately try not to let refurbs and construction ruin your trip. 

I will be the first to admit, when I found out that Phantom Manor was to be closed during my last trip to Disneyland Paris, I was absolutely gutted, but a single ride closure is not the end of the world. 

I know it can be frustrating if you don't get to visit the parks all that often but there is always plenty more magic to be found throughout the parks and Disney are generally quite careful about how many and which rides they refurb simultaneously.

The crowd levels can be insane at the best of times, so Disney cant afford to have numerous headliner attractions under refurbishment at the same time as these attractions swallow up huge numbers of people and keep the public areas bearable.

Generally speaking, the off peak months of January and February tend to see the most closures but apart from this you may only have to deal with one or 2 and these possibly won't be for the entire length of your trip. 

I hope you have found this useful. If you still have any questions regarding your next Disney trip, please contact me either below, via email or on Instagram. I will always get back to you 

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