Thursday, 10 January 2019

Fastpass+ is a complimentary service offered in each of the 4 main parks at Walt Disney World.

You don't have to be staying at a Disney hotel, you don't even have to have booked your tickets through Disney. You just need to sign up for a My Disney Experience account ( find out more about that here ), and then you can book you fastpasses either 60 days out if you are staying as a Disney resort or 30 days out if you are staying in a hotel or villa elsewhere.

Fastpasses have always been a thing, but it all changed with the introduction of magic bands back around 2012. This newer system means that yes, you have to do a little pre trip planning but you can head off to the parks knowing that you aren't going to have to queue for hours for your favourite attractions.

Which fastpasses you choose will rely heavily on who is in your party, their ages, interests and also height amongst other things.

Most U.K holiday makers will be visiting for around 14 nights, and although you might not plan to visit the parks every single day, you will be in them for a LOT longer than the majority of US travellers which is a massive advantage.

It means there is less pressure to do everything all in one day, you can always go back to a park a second, third or even fourth time!

With this in mind I would always say to never wait more than 30 minutes for an attraction. Either wait until the line decreases, use a fastpass or try to rope drop (arrive for park opening) every park at least once. You will get so much more done in those first couple of hours.

First Choices

These attractions are all really popular and lines will get longer during the peak of the day. If you aren't rope dropping, you will want to try and get a fastpass for them.

Second Choices

These attractions generally see little or no queues. Unless you have little children who cannot ride things like test track or mission space then I really wouldn't choose any of these as your first 3 fastpasses as most of them are walk ons for the majority of the day and can actually be found in my 10 Attractions You Really Don't Need to Fastpass post.

My Magic Tips

1. Not everybody in your group has to book the same fastpass reservations. 
For families with big and little children or those travelling with scaredy cats, consider booking say 2 people on Mission Space and 2 people for Turtle Talk just 5 minutes walk away. This way everybody gets to do something and you aren't waiting around for each other. 

2. Don't use one of your initial fastpasses for Illuminations. 
You cannot book additional fastpasses until you have used all of your first 3. This would mean that you won't be able to book any more fastpasses that day, so you aren't really getting good value. 
Also you can see illuminations from all around world showcase so you won't be short of spots to watch it.

3. Ride Spaceship Earth Later Rather Than Sooner.
No thats not a typo. Because Spaceship earth is at the front of the park, everybody swarms to it first thing and the queue can get insane. Wait until later when everyone has had their time travelling adventure and you can usually get on with a 10 to 15 minute wait. 

Happy fastpass planning

K x 


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