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If it is your first time flying long haul or with Virgin Atlantic, you are probably going to want to know what to expect. I know I did before my first trip to Walt Disney World back in 2012.

Since then I have flown with both Virgin and Thomas Cook and wanted to give an overview on both so people can compare.

My Thomas Cook overview will be coming soon!

The Aircraft 

Lets start with the basics. 

All the Virgin flights I have been on to Orlando have been a 3-4-3 configuration. However I have seen the odd aircraft with 3-3-3. These generally aren't used for USA flights but always check as this could change. 

Here you can see the seat pitches for each category in Virgin. I have flown both economy and premium with virgin and as a short arse, seat pitch isn't really a deciding factor for me but for some of you you may want to take this onto consideration. 

At the time of writing this, luggage allowance is 23kg as standard and Hand Baggage is 10kg . You can increase your hold baggage for a fee. Always check your documentation and reservation online to confirm your allowances.

Please note that from late 2018 virgin changed its tiers/pricing structure and now offers an 'economy light' fare. This does not include hold baggage, only 10kg hand baggage.

In Flight Food 

I know a lot of people don't rate flight food and I am not saying its a culinary delight (unless you are in first) but when you consider how they have to transport and prepare it, I think its pretty commendable and I have never gone hungry on a Virgin flight, lets put it that way. 

Pretty much straight after take off the hosts come round with drinks and snacks. In my experience these have always been pretzels but they might bring crisps of some sort. 

One thing I really like about Virgin is that drinks are totally complimentary and you don't just get one with your main meal. You can have as many as you like (within reason) and alcohol is included so you can get into the holiday spirit with a beer, a nice glass of wine or a G&T.

Now in terms meals, you get your menu just after take off and it is brought round by the staff to give you time to choose.

This is an example of the menu and the one that was on our outbound flight

There is always some sort of salad to start.

You then choose your main. There is generally 1 vegetarian option and 2 meat options.

You also get a little Gu dessert pot. These can be little cheesecakes, chocolate pots etc.

And finally some little crackers and cheese.

Above you can see a chicken farfalle pasta dish and a chicken curry. As you can see the 'salad' can be anything from cous cous to mixed greens.

Of course if you were served this in a restaurant you would most likely be pretty underwhelmed but I have to say both options were really tasty and the salads are always nice and fresh and still cold from the fridge. I prefer the green salad as you can eat this with your meal.

The little chocolate pots are are always yummy and you can actually buy these in supermarkets in the UK, you've probably seen them and they aren't cheap.

Mid flight the attendants come round with sweets/ice lollies for you whilst you sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

An hour or so before landing you will then be served what they refer to as 'Afternoon Tea'. I put quotations as it really is a sandwich and a bag of crisps so not afternoon tea, but perfect if you are still hungry or have a long transfer after you land.

On the way back you will find that the products vary slightly, as the food will be coming from a US aviation meal company instead.

Here is what I received on my last flight home

There was a bread roll and butter and cream cheese to start, then for main I chose a chilli wedges melt. 

I don't know what made me choose this but I am so glad I did. It was cheesy and spicy and was so yummy. I would choose this again if I saw it. 

For dessert it was a little red velvet cake pot which was really cute though very sweet and some crackers and nice strong cheddar. Really good. 

In Flight Entertainment 

I really don't have anything bad to say about the in flight entertainment, though I would say to take your own headphones as the ones on the plane are pretty bad. 

There are loads of films to choose from, some of which you will find aren't even out on DVD in the UK yet. There are also games, music albums and tv box sets. I found myself binge watching the first series of unforgiven on the flight home. 

What I really love, is that you can actually see most of the films will be on your flight a month before you fly.  Check it out here 

You will also find USB ports to charge your phone and you can purchase wifi if you want for £4.99 for an hour or £14.99 for the flight, but with all the on board entertainment you probably won't need to!

Overall I would highly recommend the Economy package with Virgin. I have done premium and was also very impressed but this can be a considerable amount more. Especially if you are taking the whole family. 

If you have any more questions about flying with virgin, do not hesitate to email me or DM on instagram.

K x

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