Sunday, 20 January 2019

This smokey little joint is the younger sister to the infamous Floridian eatery, The Ravenous Pig.

Specialising in BBQ meats and brews, as soon as I heard this place be announced for Disney Springs back in 2017 I just knew I had to try it.


The Polite Pig can be found in the heart of Disney Springs, making it a perfect pit stop for those staying on or off Disney property as parking is free and it is easily accessible even if you aren't heading to the parks that day.

Just along from the World of Disney, this is the perfect place to refuel between all that merchandise shopping.

Decor, Theming and Service

Even though this place is classed as a quick service and is available on the Quick Service Dining Plan, it has a really adult feel to it. You still have to queue up to order, but they Bring your food to you, like at Wolfgang Pucks or Be Our Guest.

Where the magic happens... the smoker

There is a bar area which was absolutely packed when we ate there and there are lots of booth like seats as well as high tables with bar stools which is where we sat.

You can also sit on tables outside which would be great during the afternoon, but these tables did seem pretty dark and not well lit when we ate at night.

Based on this I would say it might not be the most family friendly place, especially at peak times as it gets really busy.

For me it felt more like a bar atmosphere that served food, though the food is definitely the star here so even if you are travelling as a family with kids, I would still try and eat here, maybe just during the day though.

The Food

The menu here is BBQ, BBQ and more BBQ. Its a meat lovers dream. But I have to say if there are any vegetarians in the party then there are some really interesting sides that could make for a pretty tasty meal in themselves. 

The Menu

On this occasion we opted for the butcher board which is designed for two but we split between three of us. We weren't stuffed like you sometimes are after the portions in Orlando but we were comfortable and it was nice not to waddle out of a restaurant for once.

The butcher board includes some of the smoked meats you can also choose as entrees individually.
Brisket, pork shoulder, sausage and chicken.

The board comes with cornbread and slaw as well as 2 sides of your choice. We chose the Mac and cheese and waffle fries.

The slaw was fresh and delicious, a really nice addition to the rich smokey meats. Now I am someone who never eats shop bought coleslaw as I dont actually like mayo, but this was delicious.
The cornbread was nice with the juicy meats but being from England this is something I could happily live without.

The Mac was some of the best I had this trip. Really cheesy and the crumb was a nice touch. Very creamy and clearly cooked to order. The waffle fries were crisp, not greasy at all and had a nice seasoning on them.

I would happily choose these two again

Each of the meats was cooked to perfection. Tender, juicy and perfectly seasoned. We all had different favourites. Mine was the brisket, Joe liked the chicken and my sister loved the sausage.
I would love to try the ribs next time for sure.

On the counter you will also find a choice of 5 sauces to smother your meats in if you wish, as well as hot sauce and a whole lotta napkins (you're gonna need em)

Soft drinks here are self serve so you can refill them as many times as you like. There are also a whole load of craft brews and cocktails to choose from but we didn't try those this time so I cannot comment.


This place offers some of the best value on the Disney Dining Plan. With entrees ranging up to $19 it is a great use of your credits. 

I would say this place is perfect for meeting friends or for an adult only meal, but please don't miss it just because you are travelling with little ones. Head there for a lunch and then spend the afternoon burning off the calories walking around World of Disney.  

I love the fact that your food is brought to you, and with proper cutlery as well. 

Now that the dining plan also includes alcohol, I cannot wait to get back here for those ribs and to try one of those craft beers too. 

K x

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  1. I am totally going to add this to my list of places to eat using a quick service credit! Such a good value for the dining plan! Also the menu looks delicious :) thanks for sharing!

  2. It's one of my must do's now for sure .I can't wait to get back there x