Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The whole My Disney Experience thing can be pretty confusing for first timers. You can read a little more about that here 

When it comes to booking fastpasses, people get really stressed out and it really should be an exciting part of planning your trip. They are a super important part of trip planning but people make it out to be so much harder than it actually is.

The video I have made below, shows me booking my fastpasses for my own trip so you can get to grips with the system and what it looks like before you have to make your own reservations.

Guests staying at a Disney Hotel can make their reservations 60 days out and those staying offsite can make theirs 30 days out.

I suggest having a pretty solid plan/idea of which parks you will be in each day before your fastpass day comes around.

Think about which attractions are most important to your party but also which ones are the hardest to get and have the longest queues.

I recommend you read my fastpass recommendations for each of the four parks here -

Magic Kingdom 


Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

Have a clear list of which fastpasses you need/want on each day for you to work from and tick off as you go. Trust me, it gets confusing when you are making reservations for a 7 or even 14 day trip! and you will quickly lose track of what you have or haven't booked if you don't jot it all down.

Watch my video below, which shows you how to use the system and gives you more handy hints and tips for booking your fastpasses!

If you still need any help or have any questions about fastpasses or My Disney Experience, get in touch in the comments below.

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