Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Flower & Garden was as beautiful as ever this year. The topiaries though are only half the reason I love this festival so much.

Just like the length of this festival, the number of food booths at the festival has kept growing.

Epcot is an amazing park interns of food offerings, any day of the week, but during flower & garden, its even better.

If you are lucky enough to be visiting the park before 3rd of June 2019, or perhaps you already have trip planned for next spring, read on to see just some of the delicacies that await you!

all the food items at flower and garden festival can be paid for in dollars, or you can also use your dining plan snack credits. With some items up to nearly $10 including tax, this is a great way to maximise your dining plan value. 

The Smokehouse

This particular food booth is located in the America pavilion and has been at the festival for years. 

Its classic American BBQ and brews.

Ive tried various things here over the years but this year I just had to try the 'beef brisket burnt ends and smoked pork belly slider' it also came with sausage, cheese fondue and a pickle.

This was messy...like really messy but it was also really good. The cheese fondue made it for me.

Next up we tried the smoked beef brisket...

This was really good again, but the portion was quite small. I know they are samplers, but compared to the slider that was more of a light lunch this was just a couple of mouthfuls.
I loved that they were using a half jacket potato this year as the base. it has a lovely crispy skin and I could have definitely eaten a few of these.

The only thing I didn't like here was the lemonade. It was more floral that citrus and had a soapy cucumber taste that didn't sit well with me but everyone else seemed to like it.

This particular food booth has possibly the most nearby seating of all the booths. It is also right next to the garden rocks concert stage so you can grab a bite and check out the performance.

Pineapple Promenade 

I headed to this bright and tropical food booth for one thing and one thing only! The renowned violet lemonade.

Ill cut a long story short here... I didn't enjoy it. My sister quite liked it but it was overall underwhelming. Imagine those 90's classic parma violet sweets watered down 10 times in a cup. It just didn't do it for me, and the fact they didn't even give me the flower on top meant my picture doesn't even meet instagram worthyness! ha!

Taste of Marrakesh 

I hadn't planned to eat at this food booth necessarily but then a certain something caught my eye. 

The friend cauliflower isn't something I would normally go for but when you are using your snack credits, its a great chance to try something different without feeling like its a waste of money. 

I am so glad we tried this. It was hot and fresh, a tad greasy but its deep fried so what do you expect. The ranch had a real kick and the portion was huge! The picture doesn't show but there was about 15 pieces and 3 of us nibbled on it then left a few as it was just too much. Great if theres a group of you so you can all have a little bit. 

Citrus Blossom

The Citrus Blossom was new for 2019 and has a couple of rather tasty looking options.

 First up we just had to try the lobster tail, because come on, where else can you get lobster tail with a snack credit?!

It was pretty good, fresh and light. No outstanding flavours, but good.

It wasn't a full tail, it was half of one but if you like lobster and you are on the dining plan then you should definitely treat yourself to this as you wander world showcase.

This citrus chicken above however did have outstanding flavour and we all loved it. It was fresh and hot and crispy. The aioli with orange flavour was really good though I also stole a bit of the lemon wedge from the lobster for my meat too. 

It was like a little mini schnitzel. Yum! 

Primavera Kitchen

IMO the Italy pavilion lacks in quick service options and I love Italian food so if ever there is a food booths, I will head over without hesitation!

 This tortellini was really good. The velour stopped it being dry and gave it a really savoury flavour and they didn't hold back on the parmesan either!! Like the cauliflower in Morocco, this picture doesn't do it justice. This and a Bellini would have done me for lunch... ok maybe followed by a Mickey bar half an hour later!

The pizza toscana was a little bit of a let down for me, but thats not to say it wasn't good. Im just a total food snob (and I worked for a very well known Italian chef for quite a long time). 

I was really hoping for some serious flavour from the sausage. Some Italian sausages have lots of pepper and fennel etc but this was a little bland and the pizza seemed to rely on the onions and cheese.

Would I eat it again, yes. Would I choose to eat it again, no. 

La Isla Fresca

After the disappointment of the violet lemonade and in the 33 degree heat of Orlando, I was in desperate need of another cold drink when I came across the tropical freeze. 

We all really enjoyed this. It was so refreshing and not sweet or sickly. It tasted of proper fresh mango and the little cubes of mango on top were like a little fruity snack as we walked around world showcase. 

Lotus House 

And last but not least, we decided to try the braised beef over in china. At $8 this was a great use of a snack credit. 

The portion was huuuuuge and we all really enjoyed it. Not really spicy as in hot, but spicy as in Chinese five spice flavour. (insert Michael Mcintyre five spice joke)

I would definitely have this again and with a beer or cocktail this would make a great light meal on its own. 

With soooooo many different options, it was impossible to try something from all the booths but I think we had a pretty good sampling of what was on offer. 

Below are a couple of other menus we didn't manage to fit in and pictures from the festival. 

If you have any questions about flower and garden, please comment below, or perhaps your favourite thing from the festival wasn't here? Let me know below!


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