Sunday, 30 June 2019

Disney trips aren't always magical. Sometimes things don't go exactly as we want them to, and sometimes we get sick!

Over the years I have heard of so many people coming down with a cold or worse whilst at Disney and I had always been lucky enough to avoid any of this, but this last trip I definitely got my fair share.

Here are my top tips for keeping yourself on top form, and what to do if you if you do find yourself a little under the weather.

Travel Insurance

Ok, first things first. (my travel manager side is going to show now), but pleeeeeease take out decent travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Travel insurance covers you for illness etc whilst you are there, but will also cover you for cancellation should you have to cancel (for an insurable reason) before you travel. We never know what is round the corner and so once that trip is booked and some money has been put down on it, you need to cover your own back and protect your finances adequately or you risk losing everything.

As a travel agent, I have seen people have to cancel their trips due to circumstances, illness and worse, but without insurance there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Whilst you are on holiday, your insurance is there to protect you against a number of things including illness and after my last trip, my number 1 tip would be to take a policy with the lowest excess possible, or even an excess waiver, which means you have £0 to pay should you need to make a claim.

Should you get an infection or need antibiotics, you will need to see a doctor to get these prescribed to you. Just getting into the doctors surgery will set you back around $150 - $200 and thats before they do any tests etc.

Lets say you start with an ear infection on day 2 of your trip and you need some antibiotics. You cannot wait til you get home.

If your policy excess is £200 it is basically going to cost you £200 for some antibiotics that would cost you £9 at home.

If your policy excess is £50, then you will pay £50 and the insurance would pay the remaining £150.

Now you understand why I say to get an excess as low as possible. £200 for some penicillin is pretty steep and I was in that exact situation on my last trip.


I am not someone who usually takes vitamins and supplements on a daily basis, but in the weeks that run up to my trip and whilst I am there I try to take them as often as I remember.

A Disney trip is more exerting than most people realise and you will most likely be doing anywhere between 15,000 and 30,000 steps a day. On top of which, you probably won't be eating quite as well as you usually would be and its important to try and make sure your body is getting as much vitamins and nutrients as possible


There's no point in me writing a massive piece about this, just drink it ok!?

All the food outlets and most carts (that have access to it) will give you free cups of iced water, so there really is no excuse. And if you aren't keen on water, why not take some of the tiny concentrated juice bottles. You can get some in the UK before you go, but I prefer to get some Kool - aid from Walmart or public when I am over there for novelty. 

So you are ill, now what?!

Where to find medicine/first aid at Disney

If you are staying on Disney property, your hotel will have an amount of tablets and things you may find useful in the merchandise store. It is usually behind or close to the payment desk but if you cant find it, just ask.

Most common items include, 

- pepto bismol
- pain killers
- cough mixture
- cough sweets
- Drammimine ( motion sickness tablets)
- hay fever tablets
- cold and flu tablets
- sore throat lozenges
- Zantac
- vix vapour rub 

If you are in a park, you can visit one of the first aid stations which offer a whole host of help that you might not expect. From plasters for blisters, to painkillers for a headache, a space to lie down if you are suddenly feeling unwell and even epi pens for allergic reactions and Powerade to combat dehydration. 
Don't be afraid to go visit them if you start to feel un well. 

Should you need a little more than a paracetamol or think you need to see a doctor. 
You can speak to your hotel concierge or the first aid centre staff in the parks who will either provide you with a list of medical centres in the area, or your concierge can arrange for a doctor to come to your room (please note no doctors services are ever free)

Where to find medicine off Disney property 

you will find a good supply of general household medicines at most major grocery stores and pharmacies in the area.

Key names include;

Walgreens ( these are everywhere, about 4 on I drive alone)

Medical Centres Near Disney 

If you are staying on Disney Property, depending which end you are at, this centra care will be pretty east to get to.

If you really need to see a doctor, you can just walk in. I recently headed here on my last trip and can confirm that as of May 2019 it was $210 to see the doctor, plus any tests or prescriptions.

another option for minor ailments, infections etc is the CVS pharmacy.
Now not all CVS pharmacy's offer a doctor service able to prescribe antibiotics, but the one shown below does.

The address is 5308 W, Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
The pharmacist in charge is Shannon Bailey, and although I didn't visit this one, the chemist at the one I did visit advised me it would be around $100 to get a prescription for antibiotics for my throat.

You can also call this pharmacy on (407) 390 9431

So there are my top tips for what to do if you get ill whilst at Disney, or in the orlando area. Ultimately, you probably won't get ill during your trip, but I would say prevention is cheaper than the cure. Look after yourself in the run up to and during your trip. Get a good quality insurance and try to get as lower excess as possible.

If I have missed anything out or you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will try to answer as best as I can!



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