Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Today we are talking about one of the newest and most popular quick service in the Disney Parks. Woodys lunchbox was highly anticipated alongside the new Toy Story Playland in Hollywood studios and it has been pulling the crowds ever since it opened.


As you might expect, Woodys Lunchbox sits in the heart of Toy Story Playland in Hollywood Studios, just across form Slinky Dog Dash.

Decor, Theming and Service

The theming here is super cute and the outlet itself looks like Andys lunchbox and makes you feel the size of a toy. There are babybel for tables and lots of adorable little details.

Tables are all outside and this is my first and pretty much only major gripe here. So obviously there isn't any air con and although the tables have umbrellas, in the peak on the day this really isn't enough and I personally find it hard to eat in this heat.

As a quick service location, you order at the walk top window but I highly recommend you use the mobile order in the app to save time and get yourself a table first.

The Food

This location was added to our plans pretty late on as the menu didn't really excite me, but it seems that what they do here, they do well. And the fact that the location is busy means that your food is never sitting around so its really fresh. 

The menu has a mix of sandwiches ( something I find is hard to come by on disney property, and sometimes you just want a sandwich)  totchos, more on them later and some snack items including some pretty popular imitation pop tarts. 

First up, the brisket melt...


Review over

Seriously though, this was good. The sort of thing you come to America for, the sort of thing you see on diners, drive ins and dives. 

The sandwich was packed with brisket and cheese and gherkins ( you could ask for without if you dont like them) and the bread was lightly toasted and really rich, almost brioche like. 

The other sandwich we tried was the turkey. 

I think we all get to that part of the trip when we need something that isn't fried and has a bit of salad on it and this was perfect. It was pretty dense, im not gonna lie. The turkey was packed on and theres no way I could work my way through this whole thing, but this would make a great lunch for 2.

All the sandwiches come with either pasta salad, totchos (like tater tots) or tomato soup. We tried the totchos which were as you would expect, and the pasta salad which was really light and fresh. It did have olives in it though, which I hate so I picked around them, but be careful if you also don't like olives.

Finally we tried the loaded totchos. Yes, that is what that mound of food is!

I wouldn't really class this as a lunch food as it is so heavy, but it was really tasty. A combination of potato barrels, chilli, cheese, soured cream and spring onions and some crunchy tortilla chips.

The combo was perfect and they didn't hold back with the toppings which was good to see.

I totally get why they serve it in these bowl like containers as it gets a bit messy, but it also gets a bit soggy because everything at the bottom is sweating under all the rest, so the last quarter of the portion is a bit gross. Apart from that it was really good.

We didn't try the desert tarts as we were too full, or the grilled cheese, but I have heard good things about both. 

I would definitely eat here again, but I would prefer it in the evening when the sun isn't so hot.

If you have little ones, they will love the cute theming and if you haven't, I am sure you will love it too. 

If you are on the dining plan, this location accepts quick service credits and if you aren't the prices are particularly reasonable and the portions are big enough to share making it a good value. 

Have you eaten here yet? are you adding it to your list? let me know and comment below. 


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