Friday, 16 August 2019

Since its transformation, Disney Springs has become a Mecca of amazing eateries. I highly recommend you visit at least once on your trip.

Today we are going to take a look at Chicken Guy, one of the most highly anticipated outlets, operated by non other than Guy Fieri (diners, drive ins and dives). 
Since it opened back in 2018 it has received a mix of reviews, so I just had to go and check it out for myself. 


Chicken Guy sits in the Town Centre area of Disney Springs. If you are struggling to find it, just look for planet hollywood and its right behind. Or if you are getting the bus to Springs, when you get off the bus, veer to the left and then cut through and you will see it straight away. 

Decor, Theming and Service 

As a quick service location, there isn't any theming as such, but its clean, well lit and the tables are nicely spaced out which I really like. There is also outdoor seating as well. 

You order at the counter and then grab a table with your pager that your server gives you. The service is friendly and efficient though both times we ate here, the queue went down so slowly as people didn't seem to be able to choose. I mean its chicken and sides. How hard can it be. 

Grab a menu as you enter and plan what you want to order before you get to the counter. 

The kitchen/prep area is open so you can see them making your meal which I always like. It shows there is nothing to hide and add a bit of atmosphere to the place. 

Drinks are self serve and refillable, your server will give you a cup when you order. 

Once your pager goes off, you can head to the counter to collect your food, though one time a lovely girl brought it all over to us. 

The Food 

So as I said, I had heard mixed reviews but I went in with a completely open mind. 

I do love me some fried chicken, and often make my own at home. 

The menu here is pretty big but overall quite simple. Fried chicken, salads or fried chicken sandwiches. 

There are some sandwiches already designed on the menu but you could easily concoct your own creation with all the sauces they offer. 

You can also mix up your order with sides of Fries, Mac and cheese, slaw etc

On both occasions we all had sandwiches. each time the chicken was perfectly cooked, hot, juicy and nice pieces of breast, not some grey scabby meat you might expect from some chains. 

I had the classic, which I loved as the sauce was similar to Big Mac sauce and we also tried the bourbon brown sugar bbq which featured slaw, bbq and kettle chips. 

If I was just eating the chicken and fries I think it would be a little mediocre and I don't think the chicken itself has enough about it to make me say wow, but with the sauces and the brioche bun, it was heavenly. 

We had fries and Mac and cheese as sides and the fries were great and fresh with a little seasoning on them but I hate to say the Mac was underwhelming. Slightly bland and a little dry.
It was fine but it could have been really really good and it just wasn't. I actually prefer the Mac from Wolfgang puck express, and its cheaper too. (Sorry Guy!)

I mean you don't need a side of Mac and cheese with your sandwich as they are so big, but I just feel like if you are going to put it on a menu, do it properly.


The portions here are fantastic and the prices make this possibly one of, if not the cheapest place to eat in Disney Springs. 

If you are on the dining plan, it isn't the best use of your credits but if you are paying cash then this is a great place to fill the family for less, and I love anywhere that does free drink refills. 

Kids and picky eaters will like the simplicity of this menu, but the more adventurous can go for one of the sandwiches or mix it up with the sauces. 

My top tip would be to get a sandwich and maybe share a side of fries or slaw between you so that you have room to wander over to ghiradellis for some desert! 


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