Monday, 10 February 2020

I have genuinely lost count of the number of times I have visited Disneyland Paris over the years, but never had I ever even contemplated visiting Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. 

I mean you're spending enough just visiting the parks for a few days aren't you?! And theres plenty to do already? 

Well let me tell you why you might want to add Buffalo Bills to your to do list, especially if like me you have already visited this resort before. 

1. You Don't Need a Park Ticket

Buffalo Bills is right at the front of the Disney Village which means you could head there easily straight from the parks or with a quick stroll from your on site resort. 

It also means you might want to consider doing it on a day where perhaps you haven't purchased a park ticket. 

If you are staying offsite for example or maybe at the recently opened village nature, you won't automatically get tickets as part of your package for every day of your trip. Therefore you might want to consider a day outside the parks followed by the show to save yourself a few £££'s or perhaps the day you arrive, it may not be worth purchasing a park ticket for just a few hours but you can still make the show. 

Tickets currently start at £55 for adults, but if you pre purchase as part of your package or with your travel agent his can be as low as £49. 
Depending when and what day you are visiting, this can be cheaper than a park ticket. 

2. Its Great for All Ages

I genuinely had no idea what to expect from this show but I honestly think it is entertaining for adults and children alike. 

It features lots of family fun and audience participation which gets the kids involved and excited.

You will receive a straw cowboy hat when you enter which really helps you get into the theme of things. 

You could also consider doing a Disney bound or dressing yourself or the kids up! This is the perfect chance to dig those woody and Jesse costs out! 

3. The Food is Really Yummy

My expectations for the meal part of this were low to say the least, but it turned out to be surprisingly yummy and huuuuuge portions!

If I were comparing this to something else I would say it was a bit whispering canyon cafe esque from WDW. Cowboy Food, and lots of it!

To start you get some chilli and cornbread. The server come round with massive dishes and spoodle you some in your pot on your table. 

Now initially I wasn't overly impressed as I hadn't checked the menu, and thought this was all I was getting. So I was eating it very slooooooowwwwwwwly when the main course started to come out! 
The chilli was super tasty and the cornbread was actually better than anything I have ever had in WDW. So light and yummy. Perfect with the chilli. 

For mains, ribs, chicken, potatoes, sausage and corn! Yum! 

I know it doesn't look too exciting in the picture but it was delicious and all cooked well. 
The portion was huge, especially after a bowl of chilli. 

Luckily I managed to save a small hole for pudding because what came next just topped it all off!

A warm apple cobbler thing (it wasn't crumble as it wasn't a crumble top) It was delicious. So sweet and the apple underneath was just the right texture. Now I hate custard but vanilla ice cream on a warm dessert...ooooooofffff.  

The perfect way to end the meal. 

After this, tea and coffee was offered with a mickey chocolate coin and I should also mention we were offered beer, water and coke throughout the meal. 

There is also a wine list if you wish to order anything

4. Its Full of Disney Magic!

Although the main story features around buffalo bill and his croney's, the show also features lots of disney fun with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Chip and Dale so this is a perfect chance to see some characters. 

If you have little ones you could consider dressing them up as cowboys/girls or even as Jessie or Woody! 

Overall I had a really good evening at Buffalo Bills. Maybe because my expectations were low to start off with but whether you think of this as a show ticket that comes with food, or a meal that comes with entertainment. I think its pretty good value for money when you consider how much a meal costs at DLP.

Be sure to add it to your list of must do's and don't forget to ask your travel agent to add it to your package when you book to save yourself a few £££'s rather than paying on the door!


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